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Mrs Blair, a QC and mother of four, criticised women who “put all their effort into their children” instead of working. Mothers who go out to work are setting a better example for their children, she said.

Apparently it’s the freedom to do what marxist-feminists like Cherie Blair tell them to do.

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  1. she looks like Bella Emberg, aka Blunderwoman.

    At least a ‘twelve pinter’ in anyone’s book.

  2. Fell out of a 50 foot “ugly” tree and hit every branch on the way down.

    Actually, she reminds me of Clarabell the clown on the 1950’s “Howdy Doody” TV show.

    Having said that I’d put her way ahead of Nancy Pelosi and Thunder Thighs Clinton.

  3. Eddie, way ahead?… what in the order in which they are put against the wall to be shot? With you there old boy.

  4. At lot of comments about her appearance. I wonder would the same be levelled at a man?

  5. She’s a lawyer. And we all know that being a lawyer is more important than being a mother.

    And anyone who thinks that being a mother of young kids isn’t hard work is pretty clueless.

  6. Well her comments appear jumbled. While I agree with her that the “yummy mummy” idea of simply seeking out a rich man might not be the best value to have (shouldn’t it be an old rich man with a good cough), she then unnecessarily makes some odd comments about other women’s choices which I am sure they would not apprecciate.

  7. Mahons, I quite agree. Woman and men who take care of their children are doing a very important and difficult job. Nobody should demean them for it.

  8. Cherie Blair’s comments are not that unusual.

    Any full time working mother can add detail to how widespread this attitude is.

  9. Suggesting their children lack a sense of independence

    Absolutely. Much better to leave your children with the underpaid au pair who’s learning English.

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