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This is one of those issues which seems black and white but is in fact grey.

Ian Huntley, the Soham killer, has launched a legal bid against the Government for compensation after his throat was slashed in prison, the Government confirmed. Huntley, you will recall cruelly murdered murdered 10 year-old friends Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, in 2002.

Look at their innocent young faces and then ask yourself what SORT of man could kill them?

Huntley needed treatment after being slashed across the throat whilst in prison and is now suing the prison authorities.

My position is clear. Huntley IS a monster who should have been executed for his awful crimes.

However, our country has chosen to abandon capital punishment and so Huntley goes to prison. The Prison Authorities have a duty of care to all prisoners, regardless of the crime they have committed. And so it is that because they patently failed, Huntley has a case. Of course it is utterly immoral that this man should receive so much as one penny but the law is the law and we have, as a society, ensured that child-killers reap the financial benefits that follow their imprisonment. 

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  1. In situations like this, the only penalties should be the disciplining of individuals who have been seen to fail in their duty, it should not result in any financial award going to Huntley.

  2. Colm

    That’s sensible, Huntley should not get a penny. But the laws suggests he may get £££’s.

  3. Colm – I think its a tad harsh asking for penalties against Huntley’s would-be assassin. I’m sure he tried his best.. 😉

  4. The solution is simple, no legal aid, use a no-win no-fee lawyer and write into law that any damages paid to a criminal while are paid in full to the victims of their crime. If there are no recognisable victims or the victims are no longer around then the damages go to the criminal injuries compensation fund!

    The other solution for murderers, which seems to be mentioned more and more these days, whether in the media or the street, is to bring back the death penalty.

  5. I suppose there is a lawyer somewhere who considers taking this case a legitimate way to earn a living.

  6. He is serving a life sentence, – just where and when, if should win anything, is he going to be able to spend it?

  7. Ernest

    You are assuming that he won’t ever be released. I wouldn’t trust our judiciary to that extent.

  8. Ernest Young –

    A few thousand quid might be a tidy sum in 30 year’s time.

    By the way, the Wells and Chapman families each received £11,000 compensation.

  9. Colm,

    Yes, I realise we live in an asylum, but we have to assume that in this instance that may not happen – it could be the exception that proves the rule!


    At current rates of interest, and with the advent of fee paying bank accounts, he may well end up owing more than he might ever receive. Or the alternative – all the more for the victim’s families to sue him for!

  10. Just part of the compensation culture now sweeping the UK. You only have to look at daytime TV. Every second advert is for "No Win, No Fee" solicitors firms who want to cash in on people’s greed and stupidity.

  11. The murdering little pervert will get compensation for his ‘wounds’ just wait and see.

    A pity his assailant failed really…

  12. To prevent the possibility of future attacks, Huntly should be kept in solitary confinement until the day he dies.


  13. Huntley is a monster. No arguement from me.
    But what is the man who took it upon himself to slash his throat? A pillar of the community?
    Huntley should spend the rest of his life in prison and he should not be compensated.
    But is says a lot when some consider his would be murderer as some sort of hero?

  14. With a little luck they won’t fail next time and this asshole will bleed to death over the nearest floor drain

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