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Let us remember that Martin McGuinness has nothing to do with the IRA. Perish the thought.

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32 thoughts on “CLEAN HANDS…

  1. Sure he was just on his way to the shops to buy milk for his mammy and he stumbled into a funeral procession. You can see the little boy lost confusion on his face ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Martin McGuinness was convicted of IRA membership in the south and admitted his membership to the Saville Tribunal and elsewhere. So, no scoop here.

  3. yeah David this is so full of fail, Martin has never denied membership in the IRA

  4. What this thread needs is for someone to come on and point out that Martin never denied being in the IRA ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Do you use the same standard of association for those UUP & DUP politicians that attended the funeral of UVF murder squad leader John Bingham or is that just that McGuinness has never denied being in the IRA?

    Good to see you back around these parts Chris.

  6. Gaskins is always a fresh point a view, I’ve never agreed with a word that he says, but he is at least honest

  7. if you want to post links the easiest way is go to the page you want to reference and copy and past whats in the address bar.

    any other explanation is to hard, learn html

  8. Thanks seems to be working now the link above is now visible but i would much rather be able to post the photo itself.

  9. Was that rag-taggle group of fools in Submariner62โ€™s photo really trying to impress someone with that display?

    And who was the enterprising gent who made a fortune selling sunglasses in Belfast?

    โ€œPerhaps, Sir, you would like to try our St. Tropez model with reflector shades; then thereโ€™s the Peter Fonda Easy Rider chic for that special statement, and of course we have our ever popular Shankill Road UDA Funeral model, if you really want to impress the girls.โ€œ

  10. That rag-taggle group? As always, just a bunch of impressionable idiots rounded up by the local chief idiot. In this case Tommy Herron, standing just behind.

  11. “rag-taggle group of fools”

    “a bunch of impressionable idiots”

    Come on, that is no way to talk about a former first minister.

  12. Not too bad.

    An exceptionally busy time at work, but otherwise all’s well.

    How’s the law practice going?

  13. Pipe bomb attack in East Belfast you know it is the work of Loyalists when there is no thread on ATW

  14. Maybe it went something like this……

    This is just awful. Your out for a stroll on your way to donate some money to the RUC Widows and Orphans Fund, when some masked weirdo’s ,dragging a coffin of all things about, show up. Just what is a chap to do. I was just struck dumb by it all and had to just stand there in shock.

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