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I have believed for some time that the Liberal Democrats are a CANCER in the body politic. The fact they have been in Coalition government for the past three years has meant that Cameron has had an excuse not to behave as a Conservative and now their eyes gaze to 2015…

Three times as many Liberal Democrat members want their party to form an alliance with Labour than the Conservatives after the next general election.  A survey of the party’s grassroots showed that 55 per cent favour a post-2015 deal with Ed Miliband while just 18 per cent want Nick Clegg to work with David Cameron. It shows the Lib Dem leader is under increasing pressure to move his party to the Left after three years of power-sharing with the Conservatives.

I reckon Labour also look to forming a leftist coalition with the LibDems in 2015 as their best chance of slipping back into power. The LibDems themselves are nothing more than political whores, up for sale to whoever has the best chance of getting into Government. They are a negative influence on politics, I don’t agree with any of their policies, and the only reassuring factor is that their popularity with the electorate has plummeted since 2010 and so the reality is that they may not command the seats required to form a Coalition with anyone. Coalitions are a bad thing, I believe. They may be in vogue across Europe but I think they guarantee delivery of the worst of both worlds.  The LibDems have sat as a canker at the heart of British politics since 2010 and now they have tasted a form of power they want MORE of it.

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  1. The Lib-Dems are themselves a coalition of two parties, namely the old Liberal party of Gladstone and Lloyd George (and Keynes and Beveridge) and the SDP defectors from the Labour party in the 1980s.

    Say what you like about coalitions, but most of what this government has done probably has the support of a majority of the electorate, simply because most of the voters of the coalition parties support it.

    First past the post usually delivers an overall majority to a party which has obtained no more than 40% of the vote, and it is conceivable that Labour could win in 2015 with as little as 35%. If so, this would be a just epitaph on our rotten voting system.

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