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The calculated cynicism is staggering.

Martin McGuinness has told a rally in Londonderry that his “heart goes out” to the relatives of British soldiers and RUC officers who died during the Troubles. He was addressing a crowd at Free Derry Corner ahead of his bid to become President of Ireland.

How touching. Given that his “heart goes out” to those Security personnel blown to pieces and shot to death by HIS IRA, (That’s HOW they died) I am sure that he will now be providing police with the names of his associates who DID the killing that characterised his period in control of the IRA in that area. Not to do so would indicate that McGuinness is prepared to say anything in order to distance himself from the crimes carried out under HIS command, in HIS name, by HIS IRA.

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6 thoughts on “COLD HEARTED KILLER

  1. The IRA should get itself a monthly, glossy magazine in which it can explain its ideology and claim any atrocities which it undertook in its cause. The ‘inspiration’ for this idea is the monthly, glossy English-language magazine published by al-qaeda:


    The magazine is titled ‘Inspire’ and this month’s edition has ‘Sadness, contentment and aspiration’ on its cover with an ‘inspirational’ picture of OBL. The IRA should base itself on this superlative PR effort.

    Now, where can I get that magazine? Maybe there’s a copy in my dentist’s waiting room.

  2. Do you get a writer named John Spain over there? he wrote the only real and decent analysis of McGuiness and his campaign in the Irish-American press that I have seen to date. The rest just glossed over him or attacked his critics.

  3. OT, but is anyone else looking at the media reports on the Amanda Knox appeal case. (the American student – yes, female, pretty and white – convicted of murdering her British flatmate in Perugia, Italy. The American media present her generally as a kind of heroine fighting for justice; whereas the British media generally treat her as a convicted murderer.

  4. Noel – I may put up something about that, I really haven’t followed the story, but it has been pretty big news here. maybe someone here will have some insight.

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