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Do have a read of these two reports of the brutal murder of a 25 year old football fan in London at the weekend.

There is this one, the there is this one.

Can you spot the difference? Something seems MISSING from the BBC report, can you guess what it was?

Sshhhh…I think the BBC think they got away with it.

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3 thoughts on “COMPARE AND CONTRAST…

  1. Gee, why am I not surprised.

    The BBC’s account has been clearly “whiteblack-washed”!

    The BBC is no different than MSNBC and it’s “doctoring” of the 911 call in the self-defence case where Trayvon Martin attacked Mr Zimmerman who was forced to defend himself.

    MSNBC’s altered version of the tape made it appear as if Mr. Zimmerman had attacked Trayvon, but when the entire version came out the opposite was true.

    For Liberal reasons the media believe that highlighting the fact that a large majority of major crimes are instigated by the “blacks”

  2. I could see some argument for a policy of not reporting the race of perpetrators or suspects. But if the victim was black and the attackers were white not only would the BBC report that but it would immediately be given a much higher profile as a race crime. That’s the part I have a problem with.

  3. The BBC is committed to multiculturalism -not necessarily truth.
    In the interests of equality, diversity and inclusivity, they would regard the colour of a person’s skin, their culture or sexual orientation as irrelevant:
    unless it was an act of aggression by a member of the majority/indigenous/hetrosexual population on an ethnic minority, black or other person of colour, wooden-legged , visually challenged dwarf…

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