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qatada.jpgABU QATADA, a genuine threat to the lives of Britons, is no longer in the clink. His release on bail was ordered by the Special Immigration Appeals Tribunal. Qatada applied for bail to the Tribunal on the ground that it was inhumane to detain him indefinitely if there was no prospect of his being deported. Hark at the liberals ullulating in north London today.

We know there’s no prospect of Qatada being deported, since the judges said that Jordanians are liars and changed British foreign policy to suit. So we can’t kick him out and can’t detain him. What’s to be done?

Once he has been released, the Jordanian father-of-five, can expect to receive £1,000 a month in benefit payments. The taxpayer will also face a bill of tens of thousands of pounds to keep the cleric under 24-hour watch.

I’m so glad I went to work today.

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10 thoughts on “Confirmed: Liberals Still Don’t Trust The Wogs

  1. Those of you who read this report and fume at the treachery of the judges and the connivance of politicians who retain the ‘Human Rights Act’ should be asking themselves what they would do about it. There have been elections in England recently and the LibLabCon parties retained the power to ensure that such idiocies will be policy. That is the reality of voting Labour, LibDem or Conservative. If you want this to change, then vote for a party which will change things back to sanity where the interests of the British people are paramount.

  2. Thanks for ruining my lunch

    ‘Hark at the liberals ullulating north London’ today. You mean an assortment of human rights lawyers and Norman Kember?

    "Some of the bail money is thought to have been put up by Norman Kember, the Christian peace worker who was held hostage in Baghdad for four months from November 2005 by a group of insurgents"

    Good, decent, brave British men risked their lives going in to rescue that son of a bitch. I wish they had left him there to rot.

  3. At the moment it reads 15:47
    Friday, May 9, 2008 at 03:38PM

    Well, something’s wrong here!

  4. Qatada is wanted for trial in Jordan. He should be deported to there. End of.

  5. Peter,

    My Mac is synchronized with the world clock. Squarespace is self-evidently not.

  6. I think that squarespace must get the time from when you start the post rather than when you post it. So all us slow typists wind up jumping to the top.

  7. Frank,

    I phoned their helpline last Sunday and they promised to get back to me on this and other issues.


  8. Frank

    I don’t think that explanation is true. I have posted quick comments that take about 30 seconds to type but still they end up completely out of synch and with the wrong time tagged to them.

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