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Wind farm noise causes “clear and significant” damage to people’s sleep and mental health, according to the first full peer-reviewed scientific study of the problem […] More than a quarter of participants in the group living near the turbines said they had been medically diagnosed with depression or anxiety since the wind farm started. None of the participants in the group further away reported such problems.

So 100% of scientific studies are agreed that wind farms damage mental health, cause depression and anxiety and cause people to lose sleep. Regardless of their propensity to chop up birds and produce little energy, this alone is sufficient evidence to bring every one of them crashing down.

In other news, Britain is sitting on even more shale gas than previously thought. But you just know we’ll be denied what’s cheap and plentiful, don’t you? You already know that the expensive, inefficient and harmful way will be imposed on us, don’t you? If you think otherwise, just you wait and see.

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  1. I would suspect that a similar number of people could be found that reacted badly to the sound of diesel engines, aircraft noise, traffic, and even the high pitched whine of the kitchen fridge.
    It has been found that between 2 to 3% of any population has an adverse reaction to something in the environs, and that includes foodstuffs.

  2. There are other viable sources of energy but these have been suppressed by the corporates in order to maintain a high-price stranglehold over the public.

    Now watch this video before commenting on what follows.

  3. The Establishment-controlled academia and scientific presstitutes did a real job on Fleischmann and Pons.

  4. Shale gas can also be a threat to health as its extraction involves a massive use of chemicals which can and have polluted water supplies. It is not a magic bullet as Pete pretends.

  5. But Peter if private industry says that shale technology is 100 pct clean, it is clean without any doubts

    The oil and gas industry never lies.

  6. But Peter if private industry says that shale technology is 100 pct clean, it is clean without any doubts.

    The oil and gas industry never lies.

    Trust them.

  7. We have two wind turbines within a mile, and a further eight visible from the main road.
    I like watching them go round,
    – I am easily amused.
    I like the fact that they are producing clean energy which doesn’t harm the health of 98.5% of the population.
    They don’t leak radiation.
    They don’t pollute the atmosphere,
    and the noise is only a problem if you are an obsessive and keep staring at them from your bedroom window..
    Remember the hoo ha about powerlines causing depression and ill health, the scares over spent nuclear fuel rods, the smoke and grime from coal fired systems?
    For Goodness Sake, get a grip!
    Yes, we shall probably need a few nukelear power stations, but renewable energy is the way to go.

  8. Big Oil doesn’t want you to have cheap energy. Shale gas is just that. Cheap plentiful and could give us energy independence, even powering most vehicles in the UK. No wonder the luddites of Green(Red)peace and the taxaholic Government will crush it.
    Can’t have the plebs living well can we.

  9. “Shale gas is just that. Cheap plentiful and could give us energy independence, even powering most vehicles in the UK.”
    Still gonna run out one day, and still produces greenhouse gases. Then what, Dogis?

  10. Stop Press!!
    Nuclear waste SERIOUSLY damages health.
    and this from the same article..

    It also concluded that over the five decades it was open, operators failed to plan how to dispose of the radioactive waste and some of the older facilities have “deteriorated so much that their contents pose significant risks to people and the environment”.

    A long-term plan to clean up the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority-owned site, was agreed last year after an earlier one stalled because it was “unrealistic”.

    Margaret Hodge, who chairs the public accounts committee, said: “Projects of this length and ambition are ripe for dithering and delay.

    “I am dismayed to discover the clean-up of Sellafield is no different. The authority’s revised plan sees critical milestones shunted back by up to seven years.

    “Hazardous radioactive waste is housed in buildings which pose ‘intolerable risks to people and the environment’.

    “My concern is that unless the authority holds Sellafield Ltd to a clear and rigorously benchmarked plan, timetables will continue to slip and costs spiral.”

    Now you don’t get THAT kind of effect from a wind turbine.. 🙂

  11. While on the topic of energy provision, – we have long been an oil producing nation, – one among many on this planet. Most, if not all of the other ‘oil producers’ seem to benefit immensely, and in life changing ways, – and yet we do not seem to have benefited in any way from having our very own oil field.

    And yet we pay one of the highest prices for any oil related supplies on the planet.

    Does anyone have any idea where all the revenue from our indigenous oil supply, has gone? Given our debt and fast sinking standard of living, I would hazard a guess that it hasn’t found it’s way home.

  12. Ernest,
    I think a lot of it went to the Yanqui oil drilling companies and the expansion of our own Welfare State..

  13. Banks, welfare, foreign aid, millions of bureaucrats, the EU, wars, that’s where it all went while the Norwegians were stashing away their revenue for a rainy day.

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