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Pleased to see that Michael Steele has been elected Republican National Committee chairman defeating the incumbent party chief and three other challengers over six rounds of voting to become the first black American to lead the GOP. The former Maryland lieutenant governor takes over a beleaguered GOP as Republicans seek to rebound from back-to-back defeats in national elections that gave Democrats control of Congress and the White House. Hope the media exult over this one, know what I mean?

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54 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS!

  1. Steele seems like a good choice. He has his work cut out for him.

    He may want to do a similar thing that Howard Dean did for the Dems – a " 50 state strategy"

    You can’t just count on the South and Mountain states anymore. If the Democrats can win places like Virginia and North Carolina, we have to find a way to again be competitive in the Northeast and places like that.

  2. he has to go after conservatives and people that stand for the reagan values of the party in every state. His first job is to help convince the Senate Republicans not to vote for this abortion of a stimulas package

  3. I love Michael Steele. Excellent choice.

    Shoot Phantom, Texas isn’t even a solid anymore. The GOP has taken a legitimate hit, reframing the issue to focus on small federal and less on social issues would be a smart first step.

  4. I think that the repubs are screwed for sometine, maybe 10 or 12 years.

    I cannot see how the disparate elements of the party – the evangelicals, southerners, Rockefeller repubs and hawks – can stay united and win at the same time.

    There is no way that the present party can win any of the Dem states. Colorado, Arizona and their neighbors are turning blue big-time. Even, Montana and the Dakotas look like they are turning blue.

    America is changing and the Republican party of Reagan looks past it. The republicans will need a new kind of party if they are to return to power. If they pick Palin next time, well they will be screwed for at least a decade. I cannot see anyone they have who could actually win.

  5. Guba your lack of understanding of the republican party is very typical.

    everything you just said is 180degrees off center

  6. Guba your lack of understanding of the republican party is very typical.

    Nio it is not, my understanding, i think, is quite good. You were wrong on the election and (i imagine) feel that Palin was a good addition to the ticket.

    FYI, i was right in my prediction for the election expect for two. I thought that Missouri would go Dem; not Indiana and i thought Montana would go for the Dems!

    In that case, i think i may be somewhat right.

  7. GUBA – It always seems that way when a new administration of another party takes over, but the Republicans have good people and the ability to come back. They’ve got some mending to do, but getting knocked down doesn’t mean they can’t get up. The Democrats certainly don’t have a monopoly on all the good ideas and certainly not on all the good politicians.

    You are right that Palin, as a choice, would put them in the wilderness.

  8. Tell him, Troll.

    The feckless Irish dolts dominating the site lately need a good curbing. It’s Friday, smack him around good, Troll.(Cheers, buddy!)

  9. what you people have to realize is 90% of what you see in the press does not represent the majority of America

    If hillary had won the nomination she would be president the party would not turn out for mccain 20% of the vote he got was directly due to palin. Without her he would lost by even more of a landside

  10. Daphne/Troll –

    Absolutely. The worst thing the Republicans can do now is thrash around in search of a quick fix to the reasons for their defeat. The simple truth is that a Republican era has come to a natural end against a formidable opponent armed with overwhelming media support.

    In short, British conservatives were there in 1997 when 18 years of Tory government was wiped out by Blairs Labour Party.

    The Tories then made the mistake of not accepting their 10-year fate. Instead, they dropped all last vestiges of conservatism, they changed party leaders, they aped Blair’s Labour Party, and look where they are now; a mere 10-12 points in front of Labour.

    If the Tories had accepted their defeat, reasserted conservative values and opposed on principle grounds they would now be 25 points ahead in the polls.

    The most valuable thing Steele can do is make the GOP realise that conservative principles will again one day be the party’s greatest weapon and that they’ll sweep the board for it.

  11. Mahons, Palin is just fine. No worse than the dem choice of Obama, more experienced actually.

    I think the smart portion of the country is looking for (non-political) authenticity and actual competence. Most of us are sick and tired of politicians. Obama is a polished politician, Palin looks like she is isn’t. Her appeal has a legitimate rate, denying it would be silly.

  12. Pete, I’m going to beat the drum continuously for the GOP to head back to it’s roots of fiscal conservatism and limited government. Leave the social issues to the states, pull the federal out of the equation.

  13. Mahons;

    I accept that, but the Republicans have had a long period of dominance. It is entirely possible that the Dems will have a similar period.


    Wow, a living breathing Neanderthal. Who doubts evolution now?!


    How come McCain began to fall in the polls, the very day after her first interview with Couric? The polls suggest that she had a detrimental impact. McCain lost Ohio, Philadelphia and Florida, after all.


    We can only hope! We can only hope!

  14. Pete

    The conservative in the US are not the conservatives in Britain.

    The only thing they had to vote for in the last election was Palin.

    The party heiarchy refused to listen to the people who pull the levers and instead listened to the press and the Democrat hype, it cost them the election.

    They set the primary schedual to give McCain his shot because the inside the beltway crowd believed it was his turn.

    After 4 yrs of the Obamanation the inflation rate will be above fifteen percent unemployment at 10% Iran will have the bomb ang god forbid if were attacked internally again even if we aren’t the fact that every inmate in gitmo will get off from aclu lawyers and be wandering the streets of America will do the job for us

  15. Guba your first line in your last post shows how deep you ignorance is, the Democrats controlled the house and senat for nearly 50yrs and the Republicans took them for 8yrs

    you are a walking laugh attack

  16. Sarah Palin will never work in the White House.

    She does not have the stuff to handle national and international matters, and some sessions with image consultants will not change that.

    As one who’s heard my fair share of America bashing by Europeans, I thought Daphne’s comment was hilarious!

    The problem with both these parties is that they steal and steal and steal again, and that they’re pretty irresponsible with how they spend the rest.

  17. PS Philadelphia has been a democrat city for over 70 years and it shows One of the highest crime rates and illiteracy rates in the country

  18. Palins good for the ticket but not the Presidential slot, that person has yet to rise, unless it’s Romney

  19. ‘you are a walking laugh attack’

    I wasn’t talking about congress.

    You are a walking crime against grammar and the English language.

    ‘One of the highest crime rates and illiteracy rates in the country’

    How ironic of you troll!


    It was OK. As a sophisticated European, i could bash Americans, but i will refrain from doing so!

  20. Well Guba once again your ignorance flairs Congress is the Power always has been it’s how the constitution is written.

    They write the laws and control the cash

  21. Troll,

    Well, I like Palin’s style and I hope she be comes a central player. The more the media mocked her, the more I liked her.

  22. Troll –

    The party heiarchy refused to listen to the people who pull the levers and instead listened to the press and the Democrat hype …

    Sounds like American and British conservatives have much in common.

    No doubt four years of Obama will screw the US, but there’s a choice; do Repubicans ape the Dems so voters have no real choice, or do they stick to conservative principles and sweep up in four or eights years time?

    And all along there’s the question; if the Republicans do betray their principles for power, why vote for them? Surely conservative loyalty is to conservatism and not to individuals.

  23. David it has to be a joint conservative ticket her and someone else with good conservative creds will do just fine

  24. Phantom, apparently Guba doesn’t agree. 😉

    Troll, Palin won’t win and she shouldn’t run. We’re at a point of havingto choose; the GOP should focus on less federal interference, honoring states rights, or going evangelical social. I vote for less federal, let the states decide their social mores.

  25. Guba
    Like I said that shows your lack of understanding of our system.

    The President can set the tone but only two in the last century could out manuever the Congress FDR and Reagan

  26. Guba is probably one of the grossest, most illiterate handles I’ve ever seen on any blog. Worse than Typhoo, and she was an obsessive, stalking nut.

    Feeding random trolls on atw should be prohibited. (Yes, I’m calling for more David statism)

  27. >>Guba is probably one of the grossest, most illiterate handles I’ve ever seen on any blog<<

    Problem with Guba, Daphne, is that you and your lot couldn’t land a glove on him in a month of Sundays. He is Irish, literate, meausured, human – you’re going to have to get used to it.

  28. Leave GUBA alone Daphne, he’s merely passing an opinion, and he/she puts some effort into his/her postings.
    And besides, he likes Palin, so DV will NEVER ban her.

  29. Thank you fellow feckless Irish dolt and Bernard for your compliments.


    You want be banned? How very ‘limited Government’ of you. I do not believe that i have been a troll. You, on the other hand, in my humble opinion, add little to discussions. But, i do not think that you should be banned.

    Yes, i do like Sarah Palin and like David, i would love if she was picked to run in 2012. If i was American, i would actively campaign for it.


    You have a pretty poor point

  30. Bernard – true, Guba does put some effort into it’s offerings. It’s not as bad as some of the regular bile we’ve had to read in the threads lately.

    David rarely weeds out anyone, a nominal Palin supporter will never hit the curb in this corner – you’ve got to hit David personally before you get banned, he doesn’t protect his posters or regular commenters from abuse by stalkers or obnoxious trolls, only himself.

    So, Bernard, you’re right, let the Guba’s reign. The threads read like an insane asylum anymore, it’s all good dialogue for simpletons. You used to comment a lot, what happened to your regular voice of wit and wisdom in this venue? I notice your beautiful voice is muted, why is that?

  31. Troll – I understand actual Republicans better than you, which is why my predictions were right and yours remain ludicrous.

    And Philly’s literacy rate has improved (since you left).

  32. Yes, Guba. I would ban your ignorant ass. Blogs are private enterprise, not government controlled, you idiot. Get your metaphors straight.

    As a newcomer, you’ve failed to reap my body of brilliance. I’ve been here for a few years, you nub.

  33. Daphne is our Yellow Rose and kick ass funny. I will lead a charge of noble drunkards against any who dare offend her.

    Daphne – I gotta go. Don’t let the cretins get ye down. I will dropkick them into next Tuesday if they bother you further. The Dear Leader (Mr. Vance) would agree that this joint needs ya.

  34. Daffy:

    I have no doubt that you would ban me, but i can see that you are from Texas. That explains alot. You seem to use insults prolifically, a clear indication of limited literacy and understanding. I should not judge – that is a weakness on my part – i should pity. Please forgive me.

    ‘As a newcomer, you’ve failed to reap my body of brilliance.’

    Well, you are right on this one.

    ‘I’ve been here for a few years, you nub.’

    Well done on that.


    Thanks for the compliment, i await your dropkick.

  35. Mahons how many Republican strategy meetings have you attende? How many of your friends and associates are registered republican? How many times have you held a position in the republican party ?

    Since your knowledge is greater than mine I am curious because I have attended those meetings and held several positions in the party.

    I am very interested in knowing what your expirience is that trumps mine

  36. I’m sorry but people who have no involvement in the party and to top it off are foreigners have no clue as to what lies underneath in the conservative base

  37. Troll – you wrongly predicted election outcomes in your parties own primar season, failed to acknowledge even Republican polling numbers about Palin’s weakness to the ticket, and you insist upon half-baked Republican policies that have helped restore the Democrats to power. I am convinced you are a Communist agent who has infiltrated the Republican Party in an attempt to bring it down from within.

  38. Don’t say that!

    You’ll have him conducting a witch-hunt on his own good self…turning himself in to the H.U.A.C…naming names, usw.

    Think of the existential – not to mention the ontological – complications that could involve!

  39. Alexander – LOL. I figured he’d turn himself in for a one way ticket to Gitmo where he would demand to never be released.

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