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Here is the thinking of a prominent European professor.


You see the problem with the multiculturalist mindset?

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  1. //You see the problem with the multiculturalist mindset?//

    Well, we definitely see the problem with the mindset that picks up so much nonsense and misquotes from every right-wing junk site and then peddles them here.

    Unni Wikan (who’s probably in der dotage by now) not only never said that, she is constantly warning against Islamic immigration into Europe. What she no doubt meant before her words were misquoted was that, if the west is to continue allowing immigration from Muslim countries, western women will have to take the necessary consequences.

    i.e. she’s saying practically the exact opposite of what’s being attributed to her here.

    Maybe she did use the word “adapt” in some context, and that was enough to start right-wing eyes rolling so that they couldn’t see the rest.

  2. if the west is to continue allowing immigration from Muslim countries, western women will have to take the necessary consequences.

    What are these “necessary consequences”?

  3. //What are these “necessary consequences”?//

    As she says, they’ll have to adjust their dress to allow for men who think a flash of leg is an invitation to sex.

    A lot of European languages don’t have “must” in the future tense, and I presume Norwegian is one of them. When she said “women must take responsibility” and “women must adapt…”, she almost certainly meant in both cases “women will have to..”, i.e. if such immigration continues, women will have no option but to adjust their ways.
    The goon who (mis)translated what she said must have been aware of this, but he inverted her meaning nonetheless, as he clearly was unable to resist the temptation to post about a wolly liberal Nordic female academic. But in fact, this woman was condemned as a racist for her last book when she warned of the social effects of immigration from the SE in Norway.

  4. Noel – have you seen the original text in Norwegian?


    Jeg vil ikke legge skylden for voldtektene på de norske kvinnene. Men norske kvinner må innse at vi lever i et flerkulturelt samfunn, og innrette seg deretter.

    “I don’t want to lay the blame for the rapes on Norwegian women. But Norwegian women must realise that we live in a multicultural society, and adjust themselves accordingly.”

    I see nothing in the linked report that indicates opposition by Wikan to the alien invasion.

  5. Noel – note that I’m not doisputing your statement to the effect that Wikan opposes the invasion, but you haven’t provided anything to back it.

  6. Whatever about the quote, it raises the important issue of many Muslim men being unwilling or incapable of controlling their libido. We know that men with that problem cause all manner of problems in addition to vile assaults on women. It is a condition not exclusive to Muslim men, but is more prevalent in societies that hold women in low regard.

  7. Unfortunately I still see nothing that shows Wikan to oppose the invasion, merely discussion on how it should be best managed:

    Of interest in Noel’s link at 10.07pm is the statement dated in 2007 that

    Professor Unni Wikan isn’t surprised by numbers showing that 65% of rapists in Oslo last year are non-Western men.

    It is now 100%

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