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I was sorry to read that Continental Airlines have been acquired by United Airlines in a massive acquisition. I really enjoy flying with Continental and am not so sure about UA. Wonder what US readers make of this move? I know it creates the world’s biggest airline but do we also lose competition?

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  1. I’m a Continental "frequent flyer" and have been reasonably happy with their service over the years.

    I don’t know much about United Airlines and have only flown them a couple of times in the distant past. From what I hear their standards are not of the highest quality and they are indeed in a financial bind.

    I fear the, so-called marriage between Continental and United Airlines will only mean a degrading of service for Continental.

    But it will happen despite all the objections and life will go on, service will degrade and prices will rise.

    At the end of the day all the majority of the flying public really want is to get from point "A" to point "B".

    Complaints about comfort, food and delays are not that significant.

  2. Years and years ago, Continental used to be a messed up airline.

    But then, after a bankruptcy, they got their act together in a big way. The management and unions got on the same page, the airline treated their frequent customers very well indeed, including setting up the best frequent flyer plan, with miles that never expired.

    Before Continental, none of the airlines had a true large hub in the NYC area. Continental saw the screaming opportunity, and decided to create a hub in then-underused Newark Airport. All of a sudden, we had nonstop flights to everywhere in the US, including Honolulu. The most nonstops to Europe. More nonstop destinations from NY to Britain than British had / has! Plus nonstops to Hong Kong, Mumbai, Delhi, and a million other places, that no other airline had before Continental started doing the routes.

    I’ve gone out of my way to fly Continental for the past ten years, and most of my frequent flyer buddies here are the same. Many who would chose to pay more than they would for a similar ticket on another airline.

    United is on other side of the scale, reputation wise. It is the one airline that we all sought to avoid.

    This is a major bummer for NY based travelers. Because when something good merges with something bad, bad usually prevails. United has had all the downsides of BA, including bloated costs and unions that call wildcat strikes, regardless of what it does to passengers.

    I am thinking of transferring my loyalty to American Airlines, who I would regard as the second best domestic option. I can’t deal with United.

    A representative comment on the Continental Airlines ( CAL ) stockholders’ chatboard at Yahoo Finance

    Hooking up with the worst moral employees in the industry. UAL has so many problems with labor and management, they HATE each other. Crappy deal long term for CAL, a great airline.

  3. there is no difference in any of the Airlines unless you fly first class, the airline business is a unique blend of catastrophies.

    It has both bad management, horrible union problems and is being bleed to death by the price of fuel. I was in the business for 16 years worked on both sides union and mgt. Worked in every dept.

    I just walked away from the business 1 month ago, don’t get me wrong I loved the jobs From the airforce to the civilian industry.

    But the Business as a whole is dead, dying or in the throws of internal injuries.

    and no matter what you feel and I gurantee almost every trip you’ll take will be enjoyable, unless you fly first class your just another piece of baggage and first class is only fragile baggage.

    Freight is how the airlines live

  4. Actually, if you were a heavy hitter ( frequent flier ) you often got upgraded to First Class on Continental. Other airlines do that too, but it seems like Cal did it more often and with less grief.

    But the fundamentals of what you say are correct

    The airlines have a million things bleeding them – unions, terrorism or the threat of it, fuel costs, volcanoes and stupid govt overreaction to it, propaganda from the Al Gore movement, over competition, etc etc

  5. Continental are very good for upgrades Phantom, although their First Class pales in comparison with many others. I do like it them for the direct flight from Belfast to Newark.

    Emirates and Quantas first class, are like flying in your own mini suite. As they say, fabulous… if you haven’t and you ever get the chance to, go for it.

  6. None of the US First Class services compares with the non-US services. Being tall, I just want the leg room.

    On the " business class " I took from Bermuda- Newark last week ( via upgrade ) the fruit plate was borderline stale. That wouldn’t happen on an equivalent non US service.

    I flew the Quantas one from Singapore to London once – pretty cool

    The Belfast route was a typical good move by Continental – that route would have been available to anyone, but Continental saw the opportunity to pounce on it – and to eat a bit more of BA’s and Aer Lingus’ lunch – and become the only airline that flies nonstop to NY from each of Ireland’s three big airports.

  7. My last job at PHL was catering their is only one company that caters the Airlines in philly so I’ve been involved in the menu production for the last 3 years for all the Domestic lines and BA and AF.

    It was always a toss up betwenn BA and Air France on who offered the better cuisine in the last year BA which was primary account cut costs by cutting in the food area.

    The I can only speak for those two forign carriers they were both my accounts philly has no other forign registered lines landing air france just pulled out that leaves Just BA, Domestic carriers can’t touch the quality or service of either line.

    US Air flies all over the world from PHL but the only high quality flight in BA or AFs class is the Direct flight to Tel Aviv and that is a custom kosher menu and US Air only uses 4 of it’s newest planes to fly that route

  8. Is there a direct flight to Tel Aviv out of Philly?

    ( Just saw that US Air has a nonstop. Wow. Was not aware of that )

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