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Over the course of the year, states imposed and eased a variety of restrictions in response to the level of virus cases and COVID-19 deaths. Where lockdowns were lifted, unemployment fell, but the restrictions didn’t seem to nudge death rates.

By March 8, 2021, for example, New Jersey had recorded 2,656 deaths per 1 million residents, while New York had 2,500 per 1 million residents, according to the Covid Tracking Project. South Dakota had 2,149 deaths per 1 million residents, but loose-rules Utah had just 617.

he study found little correlation at all between the strictness of lockdown measures and death rates.

In WalletHub’s latest calculations from early April, 13 states — including New York, New Jersey and California — plus Washington D.C., still had tight restrictions in place, but were also seeing relatively high death rates. 

Meanwhile, 12 states had tight restrictions and low death rates.

Of states with fewer restrictions, 12, including Florida and Texas, had death rates comparable to New York and New Jersey. Meanwhile, 13 states, including Connecticut had both few restrictions and low death rates.

Over the last year, the strictest lockdown states had an average 1,423 COVID-19 deaths per million people, while the lockdown-light states saw nearly-equal average mortality of 1,449 per million people.


Click on the article in the tweet…. the Data on this whole last year is ALL OVER THE PLACE. Anyone trying to say one way or another that this policy worked that policy didn’t work etc etc are just pushing their OWN political beliefs.

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17 thoughts on “Contradictory Data

  1. Dr. Fauci was asked why Texas, with no statewide restrictions, hasn’t yet seen a surge this spring, unlike other states.

    His answer? It’s not the mandates that matter, it’s behavior. And Texans are simply behaving better than people in Michigan.

    Just watch. It’s astounding.

  2. There is no evidence that lockdowns work. In a world in which Peru had the strictest of lockdowns and the very worst numbers, to claim that lockdowns work is obtuse.

    At best they simply delay what’s going to happen anyway. In the end you’ll get what you’re going to get anyway.

  3. Peru did not have the strictest lockdown.

    Police state China had a harsh lockdown in Wuhan etc, and say what you will about that government and it’s tactics, by all accounts the lockdown worked well.

  4. There are westerners in China, including in Wuhan.

    And they’ve observed open restaurants and a return to more normal life for quite a while now.

    You can look at yelp or tripadviser for very current reviews of restaurants and beer gardens,etc.

  5. So when are you going to Wuhan Phantom?

    Who do you know personally that is there? Do you have real human intel or are you just spouting state approved reviews of the local restaurants?

    You know no one there and if you do I find it ridiculously amusing that the Dining in Wuhan is what your conversation would consist of…. lol

  6. “Oh you’re staying in ground zero…. how’s the dining….”

  7. Wuhan is one city. The virus spread across all of China. Very few people know how bad it was because the CCP will never tell the truth.

  8. You guys may wish to do a bit more thinking, not the usual ” what Tucker said today ” reprint service.

    There are many westerners and not a few reporters in major cities in China, and they see things, are communicating back home every day about what they see

    It is not praising the CCP to acknowledge that they have been effective at some aspects of this.

  9. Phantom from talking with you over all these years it is more than obvious that you only believe sources YOU consider valid and you will spout whatever nonsense those sources spout whether they have any basis in reality or not.

    If Jesus came down off the cross and told you something you read in the NYTs was false you wouldn’t believe him. You are a man of means…. go take a vacation in China and send pictures of the packed restaurants in Wuhan.

  10. I’ve been to China

    And I have serious problems with the woke NYT of today.

  11. but you haven’t been there since Covid…. so is your info really people you know who are there, or from some other source.

    If you are talking from something a colleague told you it carries some value, if it’s not from anyone you know personally Phantom…. it’s of no value.

  12. My biggest problem with the New York Times of today is the noticeable reduction in quality in local and other reporting.

    But they’ve also become much more one sided politically, etc. and have been a platform for a kind of black racism perspective.

    They’re not what they were, they’re not essential reading any more,

    If I could only read either the New York Times or the Economist , I would select the economist in a New York second.

    You can get far more international reporting by looking at Sky News or Al Jazeera ( not a typo ) than by reading the NYT or watching god help us Fox News

  13. no offense meant, but I guess it depends on you how you take this.

    I am glad to read that, it shows that you have not totally lost your ability to think objectively.

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