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What she did:

“In one of her first moves on coming to office she delivered capital market liberalisation. What that meant was that money was allowed to roam free around the world.”

The outcome:

“Firing the starting gun on one third of the world’s population rising up to the petit bourgeois pleasures of three squares a day. How could it be possible to praise someone aiding the solution to humanity’s most persistent problem, abolishing poverty?”

For poverty has indeed been humanity’s greatest enemy, making life nasty and brutish for the great majority of people who ever lived. This then is the woman who many hope is now stoking the fires of Hell: the one who helped unleash that miraculous wave of economic growth which has seen more people lifted from grinding poverty than any time in history.

Damn her to Hell!

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8 thoughts on “DAMN THAT WOMAN!

  1. Dead right, Noel.

    I know Jaywick, your second link. Genuinely, on a sunny day it looks like a shanty town in Alabama.

    It was built by Fabian socialists, the council didn’t pave the roads and sewage infrastructure didn’t arrive until recently. But you’ll find cars, booze and satellite dishes there.

    In short, the private economy provides the only respite from collectivist ruin.

  2. No government should be so mesmerised by some economic principle that it allows whole communities, villages, heavily populated valleys, communitites who have lived in the same place and carried out the same occupation for generations, to be deprived of their livelihood overnight. Even if the British coal industry was unsustainable long-term, there were other ways of dealing with such a vast industry than just pulling the plug and telling the people remaining to get on their bikes.

    The deprived – in some cases partially abandoned – villages in South Wales (1st pic) show the human cost of MT’s policies and are a reason why her statue will never be in a place like Trafalgar Sq.

    I know the deprivation in Jaywick wasn’t caused by MT, but added it to remind you that even parts of Essex didnt see that “miraculous wave of economic growth”.

  3. Noel
    it has been said that taking people out of the slums takes a lot of money and hard work.
    Taking the slums out of people takes a miracle..

  4. Yo Ernest!
    High Five!

    I have been clearing the back garden whilst listening to Radio 5Live. We are now onto the tributes in the House of Commons.
    So far brilliant stuff. Even though I dislike the odious Ed Miliband, he did make a good and balanced speech.

    You and I remember those days of the ’70s. It HAD to be done. The unions hold on our country had to be broken.
    But listening to the tributes I find myself misty eyed again for what this great and brave woman managed to do for the country she loved. She hadn’t sold out to the Soviets, she cared and she served. Whatever her faults and mistakes she was our greatest peacetime Prime Minister.
    another slug of that Vietnamese brandy I think!

  5. This “miraculous wave of economic growth” is a mirage built on debt. Nobody can lift themselves out of poverty by taking on commensurate debt yet this is what has happened to such a point that the debt burden can no longer be borne by the population as a whole.

  6. Allan,
    If you look around the world you see that overall people of aspiration, people who are willing to work hard have achieved so much more than ever before. Done on debt? maybe, but done nevertheless.
    Now if you said that ultimately, the world its resources and its environment cannot indefinitely sustain such growth and prosperity, then we would actually agree with each other.

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