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I’ve been working on a 7 minute video for 3 days now…. Not that it has taken that long to write, film, & edit. I have been trying to upload it for that amount of time. An exercise of shear frustration.

I don’t know if my computer has gone bad, my wifi-card fried or I’ve pissed off the Fey and they’re just having fun…. Well here is the script to at the least get something up on my poor wanting website. If the video ever uploads it will get posted. Except now after acquiring 50ft of Ethernet Cord…..

UPDATE: The Video has Arrived

The Truth and the Lack of Justice Department

Ladies and Gentlemen 

My Right to Speak and give my point of view DOES NOT come from the Government, let alone any Corporation.  

My Right to Speak and say whatever I want whether they or any other Person likes it or not comes from Natures Creator, not them. EVERY human being is born with that right, and the United States was built to ensure that our Natural Rights are respected.  

As our government collapses into tyranny before our eyes deleting our accounts, blocking our platforms and doxing us……

Watch the video for the rest only 7 min long.

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