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cameronST070606_228x429.jpgI hadn’t realised that such is the fantastical vanity trip of "Call Me Dave" Cameron and the sycophants that surround him ithat his candidate in the Southall by-election even carried the name "David Cameron’s Conervatives" on the ballot paper.  He came in third.

And yet the Party Chairman, the woeful Caroline Spelman, has been talking this defeat up as if it were a victory. Let’s face it – Cameron is destroying the Conservative Party and the scale of the disaster will become more clear in the time ahead. The whole phony "Heir to Blair" line doesn’t work – it never did except in the rarefied air of the MSM studios. Brown now leads Labour and Cameron only offers an effete Blair-lite political substitute. As Simon Heffer points out in the Telegraph this morning… 

Of course, Dave could continue his process of "change", only move it in a different direction. He could abandon an approach than relies entirely on stunts, image-mongering and naked short-termism and actually start to talk to the real people of Britain. He could talk about giving people back some of their hard-earned money. He could talk about stopping the massive waste of public funds in so many of our services. He could talk about putting police back on the streets. He could talk about using schools as ladders out of poverty rather than as laboratories for social engineers. He could talk about shoring up traditional values and institutions with which most people feel comfortable, rather than undermining them. In short, he could talk about being a Conservative.

Yes, he COULD do Simon, but he WON’T do. His entire appeal is built on the ludicrous notion that he can take on the mantle of Blair yet that is just so beside the point. It is a matter of providing real solutions to the problems that beset our country and in that regard alone, Cameron fails. He ignores the Immigration issue, he is mute on the issue of Islam’s threat to our nation, he has nothing to say about the EU’s takeover of our national sovereignty, in short he is worthless. And yet the Conservative are so desperate to get back into power, that they have convinced themselves this man can lead them forward. He can – over the cliff.

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  1. The Conservative Party – membership, MPs and all – voted this blank sheet into the position of leader, done at the behest of The Guardian. These idiots collectively deprived the country of the real alternative which David Davis would have offered. Their conduct is tantamount to betrayal and they deserve the oblivion which awaits them. Real conservatives simply cannot vote Conservative any more.

  2. Blair is history and the verdict on his reign is still being delivered but the omens are not good. That Cameron has tried to portrayed himself as Blair’s natural succesor has not been to his benefit. Even Gordon Brown seems in a hurry to distance himself from any responsibility for the past ten years and who can blame him. Unfortunately, I do not think that Cameron can change his spots and he is now the wrong man in the wrong position at the wrong time.

    The problem for the Conservatives is how to rid themselves of this encumbrance without creating mayhem and allowing Brown to take electoral advantage. I do not know if this can be done.

  3. Does Cameron, when he claims to be Blair’s natural successor, mean either that Blair has been a good Conservative, or alternatively, that Cameron is a good Socialist?

    For what it’s worth, I think Blair is, or was, no more a ‘socialist’, then Cameron is a ‘conservative’, both are more correctly called ‘Statists’, for isn’t that what any ‘big government’, becomes when it ceases to regard the population as no more than nuisance, and needs to pass reams of pointless legislation with which to exert their ‘control’.

    Time for the BNP, or whoever, to do what ‘Le Pen’ did in France, i.e. give the smug, and largely ‘out of touch’, major parties an electoral scare.

  4. It’s only a few months since the Tories were well ahead of Labour in the opinion polls. I predict that they’ll be ahead again by the end of this year. Brown cannot call an election until he’s been PM for at least a year and if Labour is behind next summer he won’t dare to. So he’ll be like Major, hanging on till the last possible date (May 2010) and will then lose to Cameron. The floundering Lib Dems will lose at least 20 seats to the Tories.

    True conservatives may not like it, but Cameron will be the next Prime Minister. I agree that in many ways he is Blair’s natural political heir.

  5. Brown’s Labourites are a shoo in whenever he calls it. The Tories will then start fighting amongst themselves and the rightwing cornerstone lot will seize control, the "liberals" will then split and try and get into bed with the Lib Dems in some kind of centrist alliance, by which stage all the parties will be getting state funding, the EU will be making all the decisions and the elections will be done electronically, so it won’t matter who you vote for.

  6. In some ways Brown reminds a little of the early GWB – honest, well-meaning, but misguided. How he fares will depend on how much of the ‘Old Labour’ ethos survives into his stewardship.

    That the UK has been on a roll for the past few years is not denied, but for him to suggest that it has been because of his ‘fiscal prudence’, is perhaps taking it too far, after all the whole world seems to be doing fine – at the moment, that most are on the verge of an upset or two is very apparent. Will the house of cards collapse sooner rather than later?

    All that borrowing, (over 1 trillion in personal debt), and a national deficit that is well in excess of that of the US in percentage terms, do not bode well for any future PM…

    All that Brown can really hope for is that he can shed some of that sleaze reputation that Blair has left behind…How about a bet that the next government will be a coalition?…

  7. Ernest

    No coalition. The economy will get worse in the next three years – inflation, unemployment and balance of payments. There will be more terrorism and more crime. Brown will not be able to escape blame for these after being in power since 1997. In this scenario, the Tories will gain, whoever leads them. The difference is that a liberal leader like Cameron will seriously damage the Lib Dem vote, much of which is naturally Tory, but which was turned off by both sleaze in the Major years and the hard right Thatcherites which Cameron has defeated, for now anyway. If Davis succeeds Cameron in a party coup before the next election, the Lib Dems will hold a 72 hour party as this will save at least 15 of their 63 MPs from defeat.

    Otherwise Labour will lose at least 50 seats and the Lib Dems will lose at least 20. That will be enough to give the Tories a working majority for five years.

    If I’m wrong and Labour wins again, the Tories will still hold together as a party. They’ve survived for 150 years.

  8. ….Only 17?

    Feeling a tad pragmatic this a.m. – the kindest thought that springs to mind is that the day of ‘the Tory’ has passed – perhaps even, long past, and the future looks set to be coloured, not by any one political principle, but by a concoction of ‘new ideas, largely influenced by, what those ‘of little merit and integrity’, see as the best option to curry,(no, not a sly reference), favour with the latest favourite, or most influential minority, and all to achieve a moment of instant popularity in the polls.

    The day of the long term plan and manifesto has gone, which, in effect, disenfranchises the voter, – how do you vote for something which is neither defined nor described, only intimated?

    Surely voters are entitled to at least have some hope for the future, this Cameron style of electioneering offers little hope or prospect for the future, nothing but rhetoric, likewise for Brown.

    To have hope, you have to believe, and to believe you have to have trust. – Is that a new line I hear? ‘Trust me, I’m an M.P.’…

    How have we arrived at such a situation? most likely by paying too much attention to the ‘celebrity’ candidate, via television and newspaper, no longer do the candidates ‘stump’, in the real meaning of the term, a few brief appearances, for the news bite, and that’s it.

    The only folk who get to actually talk to any of the candidates, are the media interviewers, themselves so-called celebrities, – ‘all pals together’, the rest of us ‘have to make do’, with their opinions to form our own judgement of the candidates. – Second hand opinions formed from heavily edited questions, at that!

    Hence we get the ‘main chance’ type, the telegenic dummy, who has his speeches written for him by the Party hacks, he of the charisma, but small intellect, to choose from, rather than folk of a genuine calibre.

    We no longer get accomplished and talented folk, we get untrained interns!

    How often lately, have we heard the phrase; ‘we are learning from our experience’, or similar, – if they were what they claimed to be, they would at least have a modicum of commonsense, and see the big red bus coming!….

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