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A fine British Gentleman from Northern Ireland, a Businessman, Entrepreneur, attempted Politician, a Free Spoken Pundit for Honesty, and a True supporter of Free Speech for everyone, my friend David Vance, has scheduled an excellent set of Interviews for your enjoyment. David brings a unique honest common sense to his conversations with people. That is what they are – Conversations. Not cookie cutter interviews.

Conversations that are fresh, candid, unrehearsed discussions of topics with people that actually know their topic, who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, Especially when talking to someone that is willing to both listen, and ask questions with a little Common Sense. That’s what you get with these LIVE Interviews.

On Monday David will speak the whole hour with renowned climate expert Paul Burgess. 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm GMT.

David will Interview Dr. Naomi Wolf on Tuesday. They will talk vaccines. 3:30pm EST, 8:30pm GMT.

Then finally on Wednesday David will talk with former premier league footballer Matt Le Tissier. They will talk about elite sportspeople and the jab! 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm GMT.

The Interviews will all be LIVE on their respective nights at the times listed above on David Vance’s GETTR page. If you’ve heard David before you know it will be time well spent, especially with those guests. If you haven’t heard David and his point of view give it a bit of your time. I think it will give you both something to think, and talk about.

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