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A new study suggests that the vast majority of British people will be fuel poverty by January 2023. This is a staggering scale of crisis and the politicians haven’t a clue as to how to help out.

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One thought on “David Vance Podcast Destination = Fuel Poverty!

  1. Fuel poverty. Yes I understand that my home energy bill has shot up. Personally I can afford it but it means I spend less elsewhere. Good news on the fuel front. I used to spend £13.10 a day driving to and from work. That was a lot per month. Now I bought an EV and on a tarriff where I get five hours a night elec at only 4.5p per kwh. So I charge my car on the cheap rate. Previous cost to go to work 13.10 a day… now…82pence. Yep that cheap and all I had to do was spend 35k. Which would be OK but the job has changed so I only work two days in the office now. Still super cheap personal mobility though. So that’s already saved me enough. Next up a big battery to go with my solar pv so I can almost be off grid. About another ten grand. But I’ll save loads. Beat the chiselling profit grubbing power companies.

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