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Olena Zelensky claims that Queen Elizabeth stood with Ukraine and shared many of its values. I don’t believe a word of this – do you?

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4 thoughts on “David Vance Podcast Queen Elizabeth and Ukraine.

  1. Well one value we both do share is a dislike of unannounced uninvited Russian combat troops swanning into our country. Completely rude of them. The subsequent slaughter of innocent civilians is another thing we both aren’t keen on either. So yep shared values.

    1. Shame then as Zelensky slaughters the opposition leaders after to took power in 2014, also persecuted the Russian speak people of his OWN country. those are the values we DON’T share. But hay he is the chosen one for the world leader to fall over and hide what they are doing behind the shield of Oh look over here to Ukraine

      1. Slovakia and the Czech Republic are overflowing with thousands of Ukrainian “refugees”

        A great deal of them turned up in Rolls Royce Phantoms, Bentleys, and an array of very expensive super cars.

        They are first in line, for well, just about everything, tempers are simmering.

        The corruption in Ukraine is staggering..

  2. What you say can all be correct but it changes nothing. Remember in ww2 we Allied ourselves with Stalin. A man who slaughtered thousands including lots of our other allies Poland at Katyn forest. A man who only a few days before had been a staunch ally of Hitler. An example where the end result is what counts…nothing else. Other issues can be addressed after the war. In fact they’ll probably be the eu’s problems. But massive corruption? They’ll fit right in at Brussels.

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