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Another day and more chaos. This Johnson regime is out of control and we stagger forward day to day into more madness. Let’s talk about a range of stories from the press today that illustrate the point!

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One thought on “David Vance Podcast The UK is in covid chaos with this bumbling incompetent Government

  1. Much to my eternal shame, for once in my life i foolishly decided to actually vote, and i voted for Boris Johnson and his motley crew, the only other choice was Labour and their bigger motely crew.

    For a fleeting five minutes i actually truly beieved that maybe, just maybe, this time things will change?

    Well, they haven’t, Boris Johnson is a bumbling oaf and pathological lying charlatan, leading a duplitious bunch of self-serving half-witted aresholes.

    What wouldnt the country now give for some form of opposition. and we haven’t even got that.

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