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Beware Liz Truss and her £150bn Energy Cap plan announced today. It’s an elephant trap and the real purpose is to entrap you so that you are totally reliant on the largesse of Government to heat your home or keep your business open. The actual costs of Energy are not being lowered but rather subsidised at your expense. This is an elaborate psyops.


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6 thoughts on “David Vance Podcast Weaponising Inflation!

  1. Perhaps it’s a conspiracy theory caused by a too tight foil hat. But I believe that World Economic Forum infiltrated Governments have purposely engineered a lot of this inflation. Helping them by inflating away the incurred debt from Lockdown, effectively picking the pockets of the populace. Much the same way that Germany in the 1930s inflated away the reparations debt from ww1. After all its never going to be the ruling class who get screwed over, only us peasants.

    1. A conspiracy theory?

      All being a conspiracy theorist means these days, is, you are about six months ahead of anyone else.

      There is a valid reason the liberal progressives despise critical thinking.

      Critical thinking is strictly verboten in their warped world of craziness.

      Wow! This is novel, Over at the other lefty echo chamber, I would have been threatened with a two week ban by now.


      I’m back home.

    2. Those lefties are already starting to burn books, see trans activists for further details.

      This is socialism, we will all be equally miserable and equally poor, and apparently…be happy?

      History is simply repeating itself.

      1. It’s not looking good for us plebs to be perfectly Frank.

        This is not looking very good is it? Looks like all their pawns are in place.🧐

        WEF – PM
        WEF – Opposition
        WEF – Gov
        WEF – Media
        WEF – Opposition Leader
        WEF – King

        We will, own nothing, and be happy.

        The very moment they give up their private jets, vast fortunes, and lives of opulence….count me in.,

        1. And the WEF are trying to restrict personal mobility. Us peasants are to be priced off the roads. Eat bugs no home ownership and we are to have no control over the political class. What a charming future is being imposed on us. Time for another peasants revolt….

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