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NHS workers in England will get a pay rise of 3 per cent for their efforts during the pandemic but police officers and other public servants will be hit with pay freezes, the government revealed tonight. NHS workers respond in outrage demanding 12%!!!

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16 thoughts on “David Vance Podcast WHY are NHS workers so greedy?

  1. Fully qualified nurses start on salaries of £24,907 rising to £30,615 on Band 5 of the NHS Agenda for Change pay rates. Salaries in London attract a high-cost area supplement.
    With experience, in positions such as senior nurse on Band 6, salaries progress to £31,365 to £37,890.
    At more senior levels such as advanced nurse, lead nurse, modern matron and nurse consultant (Bands 7 to 8c), salaries range from £38,890 to £73,664. Salaries may be in excess of this amount for director of nursing posts.

    They’re robbing you. So overpaid. I mean, it’s not as though they had significant responsibility.


  2. A more pertinent question would be why does Rightworld persist with its visceral loathing of the NHS?

    A few months ago the independent pay review body for the NHS recommended a 3% increase. The government rejected this and proposed a 1% increase at a time when the NHS was struggling to recruit to fill huge staff shortages and UK inflation was close to 4%. Today this shambles of a Tory government executed yet another u-turn and accepted the pay review body’s recommendation.

  3. Because ” there is no proper government role in healthcare “, because some guy said so.

    Even if your universal health care means that the average British person lives three years longer than the average American.

    Better to die too young in the gutter screaming ” liberty ” than to have a government agency that works reasonably well despite being underfunded, etc.

  4. Yes, for sure the UK healthcare system provides better outcomes for most of the UK population compared to the mish-mash in the USA which includes lower life expectancy and hundreds of thousands of people going bankrupt every year because they cannot afford to pay for their cancer treatments.
    However, for many years the NHS has been falling downwards in the international tables in terms of outcomes for its patients, especially in survival rates for most cancers. It may well be that copying the social insurance models of France and Germany would be a better future route than relying solely on taxation which has been at the whim of austerity-loving Tory governments since 2010 and will almost certainly be for the rest of this decade. When the NHS was launched in 1948 average male life expectancy was 65 compared to 85 now. Longevity has changed dramatically, and the funding model that was appropriate in 1948 may no longer be appropriate three quarters of a century later.

  5. Have you ever experienced the American Healthcare system Peter?
    It has saved more lives and created more advancement than any medical system in the world.
    It has brought me back to life multiple times. If I was anywhere else in the world I’d be dead.
    We may go broke paying for it, but at least they make sure we live so we can pay the bills.

  6. Patrick
    I would be interested to know how you think you would have been treated in the UK under the NHS. Would your medical outcome have been better or worse and would your financial outcome have been better or worse? And I’m not prying into your medical issue, as I’m sure you will accept.

  7. The NHS are awash with cash.

    The NHS need more frontline staff, Nurses, Doctors, Auxiliary staff, and so on, they also need to be earning close to what these “new & exciting” NHS pointless staff will be earning.

    The NHS is skint?

    And this one advertisement for an NHS pointless, of use to no one non-job, is simply the very small tip, of a very large iceberg.

    We could always give the NHS an extra £350,000,000 every week as it apparently said on the side of a bus?

    The NHS would have chewed through that in about 9 hours.
    The NHS is starved of cash?
    Yeah, of course it is.


  8. Amount spent per capita by year on health care by country

    By any standard, you’re a bunch of tight -fisted cheapskates when it comes to funding your health service. Not sure where this ” downtrodden tax payer stuff ” malarkey comes from, when you’ve got the deal of the century with the NHS.

    Canada $5418
    France $5376
    Germany $6646
    Ireland $5276
    UK $4653
    USA $11072


    1. Its not JUST THE COST but the QUALITY and the NHS quality/Outcomes is one of the worst in the world, that not because of MONEY but that fact its POORLY RUN.

      Every time you post just shows how little you know

    2. Yes, we “need” more highly paid “Diversity & Inclusion” Officers.

      On 70k a year.

      How is the NHS, or us who are actually paying for all this waffle and guff, going to survive without them?

      Sack the lot of them, and use the cash to pay proper NHS medical frontline staff a decent wage.

      Most people I imagine “need” NHS Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons.

      Who exactly “needs” Diversity & Inclusion Officers, on 70k + a year?


  9. If I was under the NHS I would most likely have lost both my hand and my leg when I was young, and I definitely would have died when my esophagus died later in life.
    Financially I would still have My house, My Boat, My Motorcycle and a couple of 100 thousands in savings.

    1. Apparently, now us long suffering U.K. tax slaves are going to have to cough up an extra 1% NI National Insurance (Tax) to look after our old.

      Here’s a novel idea, stop pissing up the wall the billions we already have stolen from us at source, for politically correct pointless non-jobs, of use to absolutely nothing, or no one.

      I know it’s a radical idea, but let’s try that route.

      When Labour first bought out PFI, (Private Finance Initiative) perhaps they had a point?

      And see how we go.

    2. Paddy.

      You have paid Federal Taxes all your life.

      The American government would have been better placed spending that cash on finding new and exciting ways of curing you all, instead on new & exciting efficient ways of killing us all.

      Saying that?

      China, in particular, the CCP appear to be miles ahead on that aspect.

      How many countries did America invade when they were attacked on 9/11? And possibly, rightfully so.

      Now, how many Americans have died at the hands of the CCP to a Chinese bio-weapon?

      And nothing, not a peep.

    3. Yes, you might have lost both your hand and one leg?

      But you would be better placed to understand the suffering of those not acclimatised to “Diversity & Inclusion” in the workplace.

      And let’s not forget the sufferings of those poor hard done by LGBTQIA2S+ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and Two-Spirit poor forgotten suffering souls.

      Lost a hand and possibly one leg?

      Pah, just a mere flesh wound.

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