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Gosh it’ll have to be an early night. Just as well there’s only Comic Relief to ignore tonight. If it was any worse I’d complain to the BBC that there’s nothing worth not paying for. Until tomorrow …

0700 – 0800: Cooked breakfast, a few gallons of coffee, first fag of the day

0900 – 1100: Trigger time

1100 – 1300: A nice stroll in the great and ancient county of Essex

1330: Buy monumental amounts of booze and food and booze and food and fags and booze on the way home

1430: Italy vs Ireland

1500: Wales vs England

2000: France vs The Porridge Wogs

2200: Watch the News/state propaganda

2230: Match of The Day

I hope yours is as good. Blogging might be light tomorrow …

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  1. It’s good to see that people who have a fag with with breakfast still exist.

    We’re celebrating St Pat’s Day tomorrow as I’m working on Mon.

  2. Match of The Day
    You are aware that Swansea play the Arse at 3.00?

    Wales vs England
    Pete, I’m afraid the day could take a turn for the even worse here at 5.00.

    If you get that double up against the Taffs, good luck mate. I’d enjoy the trigger time and be prepared for the day to deteriorate from then on 🙂

  3. must watch that word Fag there Pete, remember americans have a different meaning for it than you brits….. 😉

    Sounds like it was a most enjoyable day, how did you do shooting? How many clays, out of how many?

  4. The cheap Spanish maid/gundog is bringing in the supplies. If she don’t hurry up she’ll get soaked in this weather.

    Peter –

    Yep, I’ll be keeping an eye on the Vetch Field, or whatever Swansea’s ground is called now. The day certainly could take a turn for the worse in Cardiff. One minute I fancy England, the next I fancy Wales. I’m so nervous I can’t even think rationally about it. If there are a few points in it going into the last 10 minutes I know I might end up in the garden. It wouldn’t be the first time a big match has done that to me, and this is mega.

    Troll –

    The day’s hardly started. Just a bit of skeet this morning followed by plinking the 10/22 under cover when the rain started.

    Here we go, Italy vs Ireland …

  5. Vittoria per l’Italia, by 22-15, the first time they’ve beaten Ireland in the 6 Nations.

    A deserved win and a disaster for Ireland, who were very poor.

  6. Congratulations Italy!
    I have said it before, Italy and Scotland improving by leaps and bounds. Irish players dropping like flies today. Poor old BOD is a shadow of his former self. Great shame. Ireland have some great young players but lack direction somehow.

  7. I’ve no interest in rugby and didn’t watch the match, but well done to Italy. I like seeing an underdog win.

    Cue: smart comment from Agie!

  8. Pete

    The Arse did well at Swansea and I expect England to nick it. Awesome defending on display already.

  9. Petr,
    I do too.
    I consistently support the underdogs.
    That’s an English thing though.
    You must have English ancestry Petrkin.. 😉

  10. Wha Heyyy!

    Wales 30 England 3.

    What a tremendous match!
    VERY physical. Wales were on top form. England didn’t show up.
    Owen Farrell still showing a confrontational side to his play. Blatant obstruction at one point.
    Sorry Pete, but there is something lacking in this English side, and on the day Wales played their socks off and they thrashed us.

  11. Agit8ed –

    First, congratulations to Wales, it was the right result and outcome.

    Theres’s not alot lacking from this England team at the moment. It’s an extremely young outfit with much less than half the cumulative caps of the Welsh. Most of them had never played in Cardiff before today. Against an experienced team, which was clearly on the upswing and used to these occasions, and in 6 Nations terms, this was obviously a game too far. Still, for an hour the margins were pretty tight.

    Ok, we didn’t have Steve Walsh either, who I did warn about. He pinged the England scrum to the point where they didn’t know what they were supposed to do anymore. By half time he’d decided that Adam Jones could stand up in the scrum, that Wales could push early, and that he’d still penalise the team in white. If you’re pinged out of the scrum it’s impossible to get any go forward. I’m not on TV so I don’t have to be a decent rugger chap like Woodward and Guscott.

    Look, we’ve blown Grand Slam attempts before. I remember a few over the last twenty years. More experienced teams have done it. Each time we’ve rebounded by winning a Grand Slam in following years. The team will have learned more in this match than when they beat the All Blacks six months ago. Yeah, bad day but this team has wherewithal to do big things in future years.

  12. Yeah, bad day but this team has wherewithal to do big things in future years.

    For sure.

  13. Pete,
    I basically agree with you , but I just don’t see a real knitting together as a team. It’s more like a collection of talented individuals. There are no really likeable personalities either!

    If it hadn’t been Steve Walsh reffing then the scores might have been less one sided, but Wales would still have won. The good thing is that neither of us begrudge Wales a great win.

  14. Agit8ed –

    “No likeable personalities”? You and I are on different pages there. It’s clearly a happy and humble camp. Being the Welsh fan that you are (what else could a great English patriot like you be?) I suspect you’ve been reading the comment pages of the Western Mail.

    In fact the main failing of England today was that on the pitch they were not at all dislikeable. It was the Welsh who were arrogant and aloof and bullying. Excuse my language, but Wales had a healthy abundance of “fuck you” this afternoon. All great rugby teams are full of “fuck you”, but it’s only the English who are never allowed an ounce of “fuck you”. The slightest suggestion of it, according to the rugby world, means England are dislikeable. Well fuck’em.

    ” … but I just don’t see a real knitting together as a team. It’s more like a collection of talented individuals.”

    To me the problem is the opposite: a surfeit of talented players are sitting it out while great team spirit puts in top defensive defiance. Stuart Lancaster has to find the balance. That’s the nature of sport. But no-one who saw England keep out a Steve Walsh-enabled Wales team encamped in the 22 today could say there’s no team spirit.

    The trick before the 2015 World Cup will be in bringing in Freddie Burns (superior to Owen Farrell), Twelvetrees (superior to Barratt) and Wade (superior to Chris Ashton).

    Yeah, we can improve elsewhere. Don’t underestimate how much Morgan’s injury disprupted our back row. That was massive today and against Italy, but he’ll soon be back and Vunipola is banging on that 8 door too.

    Kvesic will be the long term openside, meaning that Croft, Wood (who was at 8 today and who is not an 8) and Robshaw can fight out the 6 jersey because they’re all natural blindsides. Foden has been unavailable and is superior to Goode at full back by a million miles (basically, because Goode is a fly half).

    Look, all in all there’s a massive amount of improvement to come from what is a humble England camp in the next couple of years. I could go on and on about the shortcomings. I could talk about Marler not being a patch on Corbs (if Corbs was fit Adam Jones would have been nullified in the scrum, giving Walsh a problem with the whistle), and that Parling is lightweight, and so on and so on, but all rugby fans can talk of such problems.

    All in all there’s good stuff to some. This is a very young England outfit. Alot of players are 20/21/22 years of age. The next few years are very promising if we don’t panic.

  15. kateyo –

    That’s massive news. If it wasn’t for shooting, rugby and booze I’d have said something about it today. Maybe I will tomorrow, if having to put up a Billy Bookcase doesn’t take too long.

  16. Yes, how long can this criminal conspiracy survive? I mean the EU and its bailout of the banksters at the expense of the taxpayers. It reminds me more and more of 1789.

  17. I disagree Pete. I didn’t see any arrogance on the part of the Welsh, but I respect your opinion.

    By the way, may I take this opportunity to wish all you Irish ethnic minorities wherever you may be (especially those in Nevan), a peaceful, joyful and violence free St Patrick’s Day!

  18. We, too. A late breakfast, a nice long country walk, then the rugby. The main imperative was to avoid “Comic” relief.

  19. Agit8ed –

    I meant that Wales were arrogant in a sports sense, in the way that all winning teams are.

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