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This is quite a remarkable image. 25,000 police at NYPD funeral turning back to Bill DeBlasio.


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103 thoughts on “DE BLASIO’S SHAME

  1. I can’t stand the current Mayor, but the actual numbers who turned around were a few dozen. He certainly has no support from the rank and file.

  2. Really?

    He encourages the rabble over false accusations and it leads to two cops getting killed, and they should show this man respect?

    What do you base that on Colm? Make the case why the police should feel shame.

  3. Troll

    He was not responsible at all for the 2 police officers being killed. However, I did not say the police should show him respect if they don’t feel it but all people attending a funeral should show dignity and restraint and not use the occasion to make boorish political gestures.

  4. The politics are being played by the Mayor.

    and he does hold some responsibility, he encouraged and praised the rabble before these two officers were assassinated.

    There are consequences to actions. DeBlasio and others are responsible for fanning the flames of discontent based on lies.

  5. The funeral is not an occassion for that type of behavior. As the vast majority of the police did not participate in that act.

  6. Troll

    The mayor makes no secret of being more left of centre than you or probably most police would be but that does not make him guilty of inciting murders of police officers.

  7. I do not blame him for the murders, I hold him and others responsible for encouraging the atmosphere that led to it based on lies.

    The guy in ferguson was an animal that attacked a civilian than a cop, the guy in NY was a career criminal that resisted arrest.

    Over the span of the last decade, 2,151 whites died by being shot by police compared to 1,130 blacks.

    It is the politics of race being played by people like DeBlasio and the President that I rail against.

    They encourage the false narrative. They not only encouraged these deaths they are creating an atmosphere where cops are just going to be real slow in responding to calls in certain communities. The same communities where 99% of the murders and violence are black civilian on black civilian.

    They don’t want the cops to patrol their streets believe me they will regret what they ask for.

  8. NYC media reports that hundreds of police turned their backs

    On ” Face the Nation ” just now, former mayor Giuliani said that it was wrong for cops to turn their backs, at a funeral. As is often the case, my mayor is correct.

  9. The mayor has lost the support of the police. Would it be better to show that by turning their backs, or a citywide case of blue flu?

  10. The funeral was an occasion to show respect for Officer Ramos and his family.

    It should not have been used as a prop for anything else.

  11. then the Mayor shouldn’t have spoken. He should have just attended to show his respect as is tradition.

  12. The Ramos family didn’t have a problem with it.

    The mayor did nothing wrong, yesterday. Some cops chose to display mass insubordination at a funeral.

    I share their unhappiness with a very bad mayor, but some cops need to learn discipline.

  13. The guy in ferguson was an animal that attacked a civilian than a cop, the guy in NY was a career criminal that resisted arrest.

    Point of order – the police are civilians, though they sadly need reminding of this constantly.

    Whether or not Eric Garner was a career criminal is moot, though it certainly suits his killers to paint him in such a light.

    The film shows clearly that he was not resisting arrest when an armed thug strangled him to death. The killer’s fellow armed gang members had piled on him. He couldn’t move, he pleaded for mercy, but he was strangled to death.

    The behaviour of these badged goons at the funeral is deeply disrespectful, borders on the insubordinate and continues the pattern of arrogance which understandably leads to the police being hated by some.

  14. you really have no clue do you?

    You earn respect, how did the mayor garner respect by engouraging protestors who were openly chanting for the death of cops? who marching on a lie that an animal who attacked first a civilian and then a cop was shot with his hands up.

    You want to hold the cops in repute for turning their backs on a man that encouraged people protesting a lie.

    Your values are confused.

  15. Troll

    Phantom is not aligning himself with Pete. They are both expressing an opinion about a particular event but individually they clearly have different attitudes towards the police in general.

  16. You don’t hold a premeditated demonstration at a funeral – it is an act of disrespect to the family and to the dead.

    You don’t demonstrate against you boss in uniform – you would think that this would be an event that leads to termination.

    If they can’t hold to discipline at a funeral, how will they hold up in a dangerous situation?

    And again I have no time for de Blasio, who is a disgrace.

    I hold police to a high standard. It is wrong to just agree with anything that any of them choose to do.

  17. Pete hates cops.

    I like cops but hold them to a standard.

    Troll is getting all emotional and when he gets this way he can’t read or make sense.

  18. Police funerals are private emotional gatherings of a very select group of people.

    The politicians were stupid to speak at it.

    I would rather see them turn their backs than the alternative that is being pushed.

    The NY Police Forums are rife with officers commenting on calling out sick on New Years Eve.

    Now that will not happen, but imagine if it did.

  19. Society is not making war against the police, Troll. Do you think police actions should be beyond criticism. Should there be no questioning or campaigning permitted against what people honestly believe are some wrongfull actions by the police. Whatever you might personally believe Troll in the recent cases involving black individuals being killed by police officers, it is surely a healthy society that allows the free expression of dissenting views and requires the authorities to be accountable and explainable to the public.

  20. I know you don’t dislike the cops Phantom, but like it or not your position is the same as PM.

    Of course I’m emotional I have family members on that force.

  21. Troll

    Political leaders have always spoken at such funerals.

    This was not anything new.

    The only new thing was the lapse in discipline showed by a minority of police there.

  22. The NY Police Forums are rife with officers commenting on calling out sick on New Years Eve.

    What’s that, they’ve overdosed on doughnuts and can’t squeeze themselves into their trousers? Or they’re just another special interest group, out to grab as much of other people’s cash, and whose interests do not coincide with those whose money they rob?

  23. Colm I expect reality and honesty. Police make mistakes.

    In the cases being protested two Grand Juries found that they didn’t do anything wrong. Politics encouraged the murder of two men, two minority men who took an oath to protect the average people from animals.

  24. My position is diametrically opposed to Pete’s on policing in general, and on Garner, Ferguson, and on many other things.

    I’m from the Giuliani school, Pete is a proponent of anarchy, which is the opposite of where I’m at

  25. It wasn’t a lack of discipline, a lack of discipline would have been giving him the finger or booing. They came to Attention and did an About Face to demonstrate their grievance.

    Political leaders have NOT always spoken at Police funerals. Just the opposite.

    How many have you attended?

  26. saying you aligned with PM was a low shot, and I do retract it.

    However the cops that turned their backs demonstrated their disgust with professionalism. To say otherwise is just wrong.

  27. I never attended a police funeral. Like you, I’m not a cop.

    I believe that Giuliani and other mayors have spoken at police funerals in NY.

    And the Ramos family had no problem that I can see with de Blasio being there.

    If they have a problem, lets talk.

  28. It is a rarity that a politician speaks at a cops funeral, and you’re right like you I am not a cop.

    However are you now going to claim that you understand police culture better than I do?

  29. and unlike you I have attended way to many Police Funerals including one in the last month of a family member killed in the line of duty.

    You’re a bright man Phantom and have some good thought out positions on a lot of topics. This however is one that you have wrong.

  30. You are not alone in your feeling, the police chief of NY agrees with you. He is wrong also, as all those officers who did an about face would also state.

  31. Bratton works for de Blasio and unlike Giuliani cannot speak his mind freely.

    I don’t care about police union culture. I care about right and wrong.

  32. The police who turned their backs were on duty and in uniform. They were wrong and need to be disciplined. They were not at the funeral as private citizens, but as NYPD. It would not surprise me if the cops who turned their backs have a history of trouble making.

  33. Is there no end to cheap exhibitionism and headline-grabbing today, especially in the United States? You go to a funeral to pay your respects to the dead and support his family, not for pathetic political stunts like this.

    Can anyone imagine, for example, the Gardai putting on such a bad-mannered display, in public, in uniform and at a funeral? Fortunately they still have the dignity that gives them the respect of the people.

    The bereaved families of the dead NY cops should tell those “officers” where to go.

  34. You go to a funeral to pay your respects to the dead and support his family, not for pathetic political stunts like this.


  35. It is quite common and appropriate for the Mayor to give a eulogy at a policeman’s funeral when the officer has died in the line of duty.

  36. There was nothing spontaneous about this, as there may have been when cops turned their backs on deblasio at the hospital. This was a premeditated union stunt, a breach in discipline.

    I’m sure that many US Marines don’t like Obama. Yet it would be impossible to imagine marines turning their backs
    on this president. Their discipline and training would not allow them to consider it.

    Those cops dishonored the uniform. Period. –at a time when all decent people in society were seeing it their way.

  37. you have a double homicide caused by politics. You have a funeral for one of the murdered that had been turned into a media spectacle.

    You people want to find fault with the actions of the Rank and file Cops. Go right ahead you’re entitled to your opinion whether I think you’re wrong or not doesn’t matter so screw ya’s.

    Phantom the family did not arrange this funeral or who was to speak or anything about it. It was done by the Dept Brass and the Mayors office the family is in grief and let others handle the arrangements. The About Face was organized by the Unit the two officers were from because they wanted to do something to show and vent their anger in a manner that would be delivered professionally as a group.

    The Brass and the politicians turned this funeral into a media circus which is something that goes against the grain of the police culture the rank and file believed that this was the best way to publicly display their displeasure.

    I reached out and spoke to two family members that were there, and that is what they both told me. You have a lot of very angry cops in that city right now, and they are not angry at each other.

    Mahons I ask you the same question. How many Cops funerals have you attended?

    Even when a Cop is killed in the line of duty it is NOT common that the Mayor give the eulogy. Sure if the event is a media circus like this one, but then how many cops funerals are? Count your cities dead cops and name me 5 in the last 5 years where the Mayor spoke.

    You can all argue many things with me, you can find many faults with my points of view. This topic however is the world I grew up in, it is the world that the majority of my family has spent their lives in for over 100yrs. Believe what you will, I’m done with the topic.

  38. Troll

    I do appreciate how you have argued your case on this thread. However intense and personal you feel about the subject and despite the majority of other commenters here including myself disagreeing with you on the ‘about face’ event, you have argued strongly but without allowing the conversation to turn into an abusive ‘slagging match’. Lets hope all our debates here in 2015 continue in the same vein !

  39. The NYPD rank and file have every right to be angry with a mayor and with a president ( and with others in politics and media ) that are much more aligned with the racist Al Sharpton than they ever will be with those who serve us all.

    Obama Holder and and Deblasio didn’t pull the trigger, but they are culpable in creating an environment where the ” What do we want? Dead cops “ ( an actual chant by marchers in NYC ) could exist.

    They were very careful in what they said, and what they did not say.

    My only complaint with what a minority of cops did was with the tactic that was used. They have been wronged by very bad leaders and by others , but this was not the way to respond to it.

  40. De Blasio ran his election on anti-police rhetoric and he supported “kill the police” demonstrators, even when the police were attacked by demonstrators.

    This hypocritical mayor has been fanning anti-police flames, using police hatred in an opportunistic fashion to win his election and to gain personal power

    He should not have shown up at the funeral; it was hypocritical.

    He did not let the NYPD honor their fallen with respect. I think its fine that the police took this opportunity to express their disgust with de Blasio.

  41. De Blasio did not support anyone saying ” kill the police “. He’s guilty of many things but please don’t say that.

    The wake for Officer Liu will be this coming Saturday in Brooklyn. I will be there. I expect a massive attendance from the neighborhood.

  42. http://nypost.com/2014/12/29/traitor-de-blasio-booed-at-police-academy-graduation/

    Mayor Bill de Blasio heard boos and catcalls at the Police Academy graduation ceremony.[/caption]

    Mayor Bill de Blasio was booed and heckled as he spoke to the city’s newest cops Monday morning.

    During a graduation ceremony for the latest class of graduates from the Police Academy, audience members shouted “Traitor!” as Hizzoner took the podium in Madison Square Garden.

    “You will confront all manner of problems … problems that you didn’t create,” de Blasio told the crowd.

    “You did!” someone yelled back, prompting laughter and applause.

  43. Phantom, de Blasio supported demonstrators chanting “what do we want? dead cops!”

    Youtube video of NYC protestors chanting for “dead cops!”

  44. Are we now reaping what the anti-police protestors and our opportunistic politicians have sown?

    Unprovoked attacks on police:


    Los Angeles: “The motive for the shooting remains under investigation, but police called it “a completely unprovoked attack” on the officers. Law enforcement officials are on high alert after two NYPD officers were shot to death in an ambush attack in Brooklyn earlier this month. “

    FIVE ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS on Police and Firefighters since NYC Executions

  45. Just to point out the obvious left media bias and the overwhelming hypocrisy that frames all debates involving the Left –

    Sarah Palin and the Tea Party was blamed for the shooting on Giffords when she had absolutely nothing to do with it and the shooter was in fact a liberal.

    de Blasio supports in word and deed demonstrators who chant “what do we want? dead cops!” and the media looks the other way…..and here on ATW some Americans take issue with the policemen for noticing

  46. Phantom:

    Howard Safir, former NY police commissioner:

    “When Ismaaiyl Abdulah Brinsley brutally executed Officers Ramos and Liu he did so in an atmosphere of permissiveness and anti-police rhetoric unlike any that I have seen in 45 years in law enforcement. The rhetoric this time is not from the usual suspects, but from the Mayor of New York City, the Attorney General of the United States, and even the President….”


  47. Shame on ATW commenters who think the police should not express their displeasure with the target (metaphor alert!) that the Progressive Dems have put on their backs:


    Law-enforcement officials are appalled at the way the Obama administration exploited tragedies in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City to appeal to its political base. David Clarke, a Democrat who is the African-American sheriff of Milwaukee, doesn’t mince his words.

    “The thing that disappoints me the most is some very powerful people in this country — the president of the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder and Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York — have created a pathway that contributes to an unjustifiable hatred of law enforcement officers across the country,” he told WMAL radio in Washington, DC. “They trashed an entire profession with a broad brush because it was politically expedient for them to do so.”…

    For Sheriff Clarke, all of this fits into a pattern. “I think these two [President Obama and Attorney General Holder] have indicated their dislike of the police even if it’s in coded language.” He notes that in the wake of the killing of two cops last weekend in New York, Mayor de Blasio and others are now issuing “contrite statements about how they respect and admire our law enforcement officers. I think it’s hollow. I don’t accept it.”

  48. Shame on Patty who thinks the police should be above criticism and that there should be absolutely no tolerance for dissenting protest against authority and anyone who expresses any other opinion than unconditional acceptance of all the police do in all cases is guilty of fomenting murder.

  49. No one should protest in uniform.

    Not the military and not the police.

    Anyone justifying this has no idea of what the uniform is all about.

    It harms the cause of the police to justify the union fomented misbehavior by a minority of cops.

  50. //Shame on Patty who thinks ..that there should be absolutely no tolerance for dissenting protest against authority //

    Now, now.. she supports the police protesting against the auth rity of the Mayor.

    Phantom is right. A police force and army etc. can only serve a democratic state properly if they remain outside politics and enforce the decisions of political leaders, whether they personally like them or not.
    That’s what they sign up for.

    I must say I was always somehow impressed to see soldiers in the US show such respect and, for example, applaud the President when he speaks to them, whether it is Bush or Obama. There are very many people on this planet who would give a lot to live in a society where the men in uniform are so subservient to the government leader simply because he is the head of state.
    A state where leaders are respected and obeyed by the police and armed forces and criticised by the press is a healthy one.

  51. The police don’t sign up to be demonized by our established authority (President, Attorney General, Mayor) and then be shot in cold blood by deranged men who believe the political rhetoric.

    Noel, I’m sure you supported any number of anti-war protests by soldiers (Secretary Kerry anyone?) so don’t be a hypocrite and claim that those in uniform do not have a right to express their opinions.

  52. Kerry did not AFAIK protest in uniform as an active duty soldier.

    He protested in a dissheveled uniform after he had been discharged.

  53. Noel

    I just find it a cheap shot that some on the political Right are using the murders of those 2 police officers to attack and link blame to any and all of the dissent and protest about the recent controversies regarding police actions. Even the mildest of political empathy expressed towards protesters is now being seen as helping to load the bullets that killed those 2 officers.

    It is a shamefull exploitation of a vicious criminal murder but many on the Right must have rubbed their hands in glee at the opportunity these killings gave them to make the false emotional link to attack the ‘left’.

  54. Noel

    For the military it is strictly prohibited by the Uniform Code of Military Justice for military personnel to engage in political activity when wearing the uniform.

    The uniform is above politics, as you of course see. When wearing the uniform, one must themselves be above politics.

    This requires great discipline at times. Not everyone has it in them to adhere to it.

  55. From a discussion on the subject as respects the military. Any member of the military knows this – they tell you in boot camp

    In the Army such activity is proscribed by AR 670-1 Ch. 1-10.j.

    “Wearing Army uniforms is prohibited in the following situations:
    (1) In connection with the furtherance of any political or commercial interests, or when engaged in off-duty civilian employment.
    (2) When participating in public speeches, interviews, picket lines, marches, rallies, or public demonstrations, except as authorized by competent authority.
    (3) When attending any meeting or event that is a function of, or is sponsored by, an extremist organization.
    (4) When wearing the uniform would bring discredit upon the Army.
    (5) When specifically prohibited by Army regulations.”

    The offense could be punished under several punitive articles of the UCMJ.


  56. “…many on the Right must have rubbed their hands in glee at the opportunity these killings gave them to make the false emotional link to attack the ‘left’.”


    Phantom: John Kerry threw his medals away in a public spectacle. Did this require great discipline and respect for the uniform?

    such hypocrites.

  57. Patty

    Pay attention

    The bum was not in the military anymore when he did that.

    He did a disrespectful thing but it was not the same as doing it when he was serving the country

  58. Patty

    Regardless of what you might think of the police actions in the Ferguson and New York cases, do you think those who thought the killings unjustified should not have protested or campaigned at all ?

  59. Yes, Colm. I think the police,their union and any sympathetic and concerned members of the public should protest loud and long against the ill-advised demonization of law and order that our opportunist politicians and media whores have been engaging in for several months now.

    Our media whores, race baiters and opportunist politicians have encouraged A.N.S.W.E.R., Anonymous, Anarchists and other rabble rousers (who just want to see us burn to quote The Joker). Recently, the so-called spontaneous protests have looked like well-funded and planned protests a la the Occupy movement and it was obvious that something bad would happen.

    Enough all ready.

    And the protest slogan: “Black lives matter!” – what kind of bullshit is this??? Is it the Progressive assumption that the police don’t value black lives?? or do Progressives assume that if you’re not black, you don’t matter? or is it just a slogan to stir up hatred and division??? in any case, enough.

    so, yes, I think the police and others need to protest wherever they can. We are way past Phantom’s holier than thou hand-wringing over protests in uniform v out-of-uniform.

  60. Active duty cops and military do not protest in uniform.

    Not if they respect their office or uniform they don’t.

    I don’t care what they do off duty, but insubordination in uniform is not on.

  61. And no, when policemen turn their back to a speaker who has been encouraging hate against them it is not in any way equivalent to the anti-police rhetoric and protests complete with looting and burning that we have been seeing.

  62. You guys have the attention span of an unededucated gnat on this

    This vote was just held five minutes ago.

    Why are you hitting the panic button today?

    Wait a year or two until you can begin to see if London is doing what it said it would do.

    And they say that Americans are too impatient and short term?

  63. Patty

    Who said a policeman turning his back is the equivalent of an arsonist burning a building down ?

  64. I thought the back turning by the police was a very respectful and tasteful way to protest the bogus racist protests that Mayor de Blasio has been encouraging. Hats off to our men in blue.

    I defend my defenders. May God bless them. Blue lives matter! (just like black lives)

  65. “Who said a policeman turning his back is the equivalent of an arsonist burning a building down ?”

    No one yet, Colm but It has been my experience on ATW that the strawman argument is favored by the ATW commentariat just before the Hitler/Nazi analogy is evoked and before the personal ad hominems start.

  66. So if a few leftist police / state troopers turned their back on a Giuliani, a Reagan or a Rick Perry you would say that this was very tasteful and respectful and all ducky?

  67. Phantom

    Patty is just sticking to her rigid old mantra of everything the Dems/left does being shamefull and wrong and everything the Reps/Right does being noble and pure.

  68. “Patty is just sticking to her rigid old mantra of everything the Dems/left does being shamefull and wrong and everything the Reps/Right does being noble and pure.”

    I see that you passed over tang straw man argument as well as the Hitler/Nazi analogy and skipped straight to personal ad hominem. Well done! 🙂

  69. Phantom: if Giuliani, Reagan, Perry had been supporting anti-police riots that resulted in two assassinations – yeah, I think I’d say expressing displeasure is acceptable.

  70. Patty

    You and not only you take the position that the left ( which is generally not even defined accurately ) is always wrong and the right is more honest and correct.

    Why run from it? When have you ever said that the left position was superior on any issue?

  71. so, in conclusion:

    1. I don’t agree that it is in any way shameful or regretful that the NYPD turned their backs on de Blasio at the funeral of the two assassinated policemen. I think, in fact, their displeasure with the bullying demonstrations and rhetoric against them was long overdue and their union should take a more active role in positive PR as well as libel suits against baseless claims.

    2. I will now leave you to the comfort of your echo chamber.

  72. Dear Troll and family:
    The Mayor of the City of New York has spoken at the funeral of Dennis Guerra, Peter Figoski, Sherman Abrams, Alain Schaberger, and Omar Edwards, all who died in the line of duty as NYPD since 2009.

  73. I’ve taken slight notice of DeBlasio, he’s no concern of mine, but I fail to see how his speech inspired a number of NYC police to turn their backs at a funeral while garnering wholesale conservative support of their rude insubordination.

    I looked up De Blasio’s incindiary speech and found nothing provocative, malicious or anti-cop/pro-protester in his words.

    This is profoundly personal for me. I was at the White House the other day, and the president of the United States turned to me, and he met Dante a few months ago, and he said that Dante reminded him of what he looked like as a teenager. And he said, I know you see this crisis through a very personal lens. I said to him I did. Because Chirlane and I have had to talk to Dante for years, about the dangers he may face. A good young man, a law-abiding young man, who would never think to do anything wrong, and yet, because of a history that still hangs over us, the dangers he may face—we’ve had to literally train him, as families have all over this city for decades, in how to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him.

    If anyone here has raised a biracial or child of color (as I have), they will fully understand the empathy DeBlasio was trying to convey to the minority community while explicitly expressing the point that cops are the good guys.

    I don’t get the outrage by conservative on this issue and I don’t understand why the NYC police showed such blatant, politically driven disrespect at a funeral.

  74. A small aside upon further reflection.

    So called conservatives love racial profiling when it comes to terrorism but get their panties in a twist when it’s suggested that local police do so on a regular basis.

  75. Deblasio’s kid is in far more danger from black criminals than the cops. A point daddy would never dare say.

  76. I’m quite sure you’re right, Mahons on both counts.

    That still doesn’t take away from the fact that minorities are profiled and treated much differently by the police than whites are in similar situations.

  77. All good cops have always profiled.

    And all others should.

    You don’t have to worry much about being mugged in NY’s. Chinatowns ( there are several ), in heavily Orthodox Jewish Boro Park, or in Eltingville a white part of Staten Island.

    You do have to worry about it in the south Bronx, Harlem, East NY ( black / Latin areas ). You used to worry about it a lot more before effective policing began a couple of decades.

    In an honest world, profiling would be celebrated at one of the most essential tools in crimefighting or anti terrorism. It has come to be a dirty word, which is very wrong.

    The no. 1 beneficiaries of sex / age / racial profiling are the majority of black working class people who used to be afraid to go out at night and may soon be afraid to go out at night once more.

  78. And everyone here profiles strangers by sex / age / race / location / attire / and or demeanor etc.

    I dare anyone to say that they do not do it.

    You won’t survive well in this world if you don’t.

  79. Good news, everyone’s favourite fraudsters, extremism watchdog group the SPLC have uncovered the root cause of violence against the police:

    Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center told The Post that anti-government groups seemed to pose “a rising threat to law enforcement officials.”

    No doubt the man who shot the NYPD cops was part of the Tea Party.

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