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This was very predictable.

The next local government elections in Northern Ireland are being delayed a year until 2011, it was confirmed tonight.  Legislation to enable the delay has completed the Parliamentary process, Northern Minister Paul Goggins said.  The delay followed a request in April 2008 from DUP pin up Arlene Foster to allow the election to reflect the new 11 council local government structure being established under the Review of Public Administration.

Mr Goggins said: “Government is committed to doing everything it can to facilitate local politicians working together in local government for the people of Northern Ireland.”  He added: “A decision to delay elections is never taken lightly, but Parliament’s decision to delay the next local elections until 2011 makes practical sense and it will ensure the smooth transition and bedding in of the reduction of 26 councils to 11 local councils.”

Of course the REASON why these elections are being pushed back year after year is that the DUP/Sinn Fein axis of evil does not wish to fight elections if at all possible. The electorate can be so thankless and who knows, the masters of the Stormont Universe may not get the ringing endorsement that they demand. And so the polls stay silent until at least 2011.

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  1. And so the polls stay silent until at least 2011.

    Apart from the Euro election this summer. Jim Alister’s big test.

  2. Yes Peter – but the DUP cannot delay the Europoll. Did you notice that Nigel Dodds refused to stand? Wonder why?

  3. David

    Nigel is on Belfast City Council, he is a minister in the Assembly and also a Westminster MP. Even he would surely blush at a fourth salary from the public purse?

    Apart from the small fact that he could not credibly claim to have time for another "full time" job.

  4. Peter,

    I believe he was asked again and again to run, but said no. But in the DUP aristocracy, the family name prevails! I hope Jim can beat the not so lovely Diane.

  5. Agreed Peter – but the very fact that he will perform speaks volumes about DUP grass roots disenchantment about the works of St Peter and his apostles.

  6. You mean you’ll have to wait another year for the next sectarian headcount?

    How will you cope?

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