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You think we MIGHT have a bit of a problem with huge numbers of Eastern Europeans coming to Blighty?

More than 80,000 Bulgarians are likely to move to Britain in a new wave of large-scale migration. According to a poll conducted for the European Parliament, Britain and Germany are favoured destinations. The survey, carried out by the Afis organisation, provides fresh evidence that tens of thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians are poised to migrate to the UK.

Tell, you what, take that 80,000, THEN double it, and you have a sense of what lies in store for our already overcrowded island. The truth is that this tsunami of immigration is coming, it cannot be stopped whilst we remain mired in the EU, and the demographic consequences are nightmarish. Bulgaria and Romanian immigration carry severe risk to the UK – for example police have stated that most ATM crime here is carried out by Romanian gangs. Yet we can expect hundreds of thousands extra immigrants bound for the UK from the beginning of 2014 when temporary curbs are lifted!

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  1. Being situated at waist-height, ATM’s are far too low.
    They should be at chin-height, where tall, regal English people can easily read them and Romanian midgets can’t see.

  2. 80,000 and the rest. The government could prevent it. It could simply not comply with EU rules, but it would rather that thousands of Britons be mugged, robbed, raped and killed by this latest invasion, as they will be.

    It’s a conscious choice.

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