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The beast is always hungry. News comes that the price of diesel has hit a record high of £1.43 a litre. Correction: the retail price is about a 40 pence a litre in the market before the Mafia State takes a 350% cut.

In Americans terms: £1.43 per litre = £5.41 per gallon = $8.56 per gallon. I bet you thought you were ripped off at the pump!

And get this, the government intends to increase its cut by another 3 pence per litre this year, the dirty, thieving, criminal scum. No wonder the State brought in authoritarian ‘laws’ after the last fuel protests. No bother, I will be there at the next one. I propose that Downing Street be blockaded permanently.

It’s no wonder we’re taxed to penury when you see how the likes of the AA react. The BBC reports it has written to George Osborne, chief collector for the SW1 Gang, calling for an investigation of the fuel market “to ensure UK families and business are protected from over-inflated prices and supply difficulties”.

What? The State investigate over-inflated fuel prices? And Herod should have investigated child abuse! George Osborne and the Treasury are 350% cause of fuel prices, you morons.

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