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My contention is that government should have no role whatsover in Education since it operates as King Midas in reverse…

Bright children in state schools are being failed by teachers who refuse to give them extra help for fear of promoting “elitism”, a Government-backed report has found.

A significant number of schools have failed to enter their most talented pupils in an official programme designed to push the very best children, it concluded. Labour’s so-called Gifted and Talented scheme – launched in 1999 – was set up amid concerns that middle-class parents were abandoning the state sector for private schools. It was designed to answer critics’ claims that bright children struggle in the comprehensive system because they are dragged down by classmates. Under the scheme, covering all pupils under 19, primary and secondary schools are asked to nominate the best pupils for extra support to make sure they fulfilled their potential. This was originally defined as the top five per cent of pupils but has since been changed to ten per cent. Those nominated are provided with after-school classes and weekend tuition in order to ensure they are sufficiently challenged. But a study by ACL Consulting, commissioned by the Department for Children, Schools and Families, found fundamental opposition to the scheme among schools.

The findings suggest that many pupils may have been held back from achieving their potential as a result of a reluctance on the part of teachers to give them the opportunities the Government intended for them. The report come just days after figures published by the Conservatives showed one-in-seven pupils named among the brightest failed to get five good GCSEs at 16. “Many schools were initially unwilling to provide… details of their pupils who were within the ‘top five per cent’,” said the report. “Although this resistance was gradually eroded over time, there was doubtless still a substantial core of schools unwilling to play their role in the process.”

Or. to put it more succintly, Schools are becoming anti-meritocratic in order to please their socialist paymasters in government. They ignore the brightest kids lest they be accused of ..gasp…elitism. In this way, our education system now manages to fail the bright and the not so bright. What a result that is!

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