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Amongst the many “ism’s” that our contemporary culture have spawned is ageism; we must not make jokes about being old. As each year passes, I find this such a good idea. Joke. Now read on..

David Cameron sparked an ageism row today after referring to a veteran Labour MP as ‘a dinosaur’. Left-wing Dennis Skinner, dubbed ‘the Beast of Bolsover’ because of the Derbyshire constituency he represents, asked the final question during Mr Cameron’s weekly 30-minute Commons grilling at Prime Minister’s Questions. Mr Skinner, who turns 80 next month, asked Mr Cameron when he would appear before Lord Justice Leveson’s inquiry into press standards. The PM said he would be ‘delighted’ to appear at the Royal Courts of Justice when required, then added: ‘It’s good to see the honourable gentleman on such good form. I often say to my children ”No need to go to the Natural History Museum to see a dinosaur, come to the House of Commons at about 12.30pm”.’

Cue outrage amongst those prepared to be offended for the elderly! I actually thought that was quite a good one-liner by Cameron. I also think that he is right. Skinner IS  a political dinosaur. Not because of his age, however, that has got nothing to do with it. It is his hard left antiquated left wing politics which are Jurassic. I don’t think Cameron was making a pejorative comment on age but rather on values. But in our overly sensitive culture Cameron is then demonised and made to appear ageist. Some people, you might think, need to grow up a little and demonstrate greater maturity when it comes to quips in the Commons.

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  1. Clearly it’s a reference to Skinner’s politics.

    There’s some desperation in the accusations against Cameron because Ed Miliband is so useless. He can’t land a punch on Cameron at PMQs so the commies need to get at him another way, this week dreaming up slights against the elderly.

  2. The PM said he would be ‘delighted’ to appear at the Royal Courts of Justice when required,

    Bring it on. It would be interesting to hear Cameron’s views on his pal Rupe and the rest of the scumbag lawbreakers. Especially since it’s only a few months since he was doing his best to enable Rupe to take full control of Sky.

  3. “It would be interesting to hear Cameron’s views on his pal Rupe”

    and Gordon’s, and Tony’s and Eds’!

  4. and Gordon’s, and Tony’s and Eds’!

    What a short memory some people have, or maybe it’s just political bigotry. It was Ed Balls who led the charge against Murdoch last summer. Balls said that the lawlessness of his companies made him unfit to get full control of Sky, at a time when Rebekkah’s buddy and neighbour Cameron was still trying his best to bend the regulations in their favour.

  5. Peter –

    Ed Miliband led the charge to the Rupert Murdoch summer party last summer where uaffed the champers with Cameron. It was two weeks later that the Milly Dowler business broke, and that’s when Miliband became a champion against press intrusion.

    Come on, from 1994 until early 2010 Blair and Brown kissed Murdoch’s arse. They were as much in thrall to him as Cameron was, Blair probably more so.

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