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Isn’t it embarrassing when soldiers die for our country? That appears to be the Ministry of Defence mindset behind this gem.

Repatriation ceremonies for the remains of dead soldiers should have a lower profile in order to make war more palatable to the British public, according to a report for the Ministry of Defence. It examines how to sway ‘casualty averse’ public opinion, a situation commonly known as ‘body bag syndrome’, and was published by the MoD’s strategy formulation unit. The document suggests that the MoD should ‘reduce the profile of the repatriation ceremonies’ where coffins carrying deceased soldiers are brought back to UK bases such as RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

It appears images like this need to be avoided.
Repatriation of dead soldiers

Well, I agree in ONE sense.

If we don’t want to see such processions then do NOT send our military to Afghanistan to fight a pointless war. On the other hand, we should pay fulsome public tribute to those who give their lives in the uniform of our Armed Forces. This pusillanimous proposal should be rejected outright. It’s not that LONG to Remembrance Day, but some seem keen to forget,

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3 thoughts on “DISHONOUR OUR WAR DEAD…

  1. The Telegraph:

    “Reducing the profile of repatriation ceremonies in the UK for casualties from wars could made conflicts more acceptable to the public, a Ministry of Defence document suggests.”

    As we guessed at the time on here, this is what it’s about. Hide them away, reduce the government’s embarrassment, all the better to pile up more bodies by hiding the poor souls who lost their lives for no good reason whatsoever. They really do think we’re that stupid and infantile.

  2. Troll – can you explain how our soldiers are protecing our (open) borders when they are in Afghanistan?

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