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The Biden Administration just doubled down on flooding the United States with Illegal Immigrants.

“For the first time, our guidelines will, in the pursuit of public safety, require an assessment of the individual and take into account the totality of the facts and circumstances,” said Secretary Mayorkas.  “In exercising this discretion, we are guided by the  knowledge that there are individuals in our country who have been here for generations and contributed to our country’s well-being, including those who have been on the frontline in the battle against COVID, lead congregations of faith, and teach our children. As we strive to provide them with a path to status, we will not work in conflict by spending resources seeking to remove those who do not pose a threat and, in fact, make our Nation stronger.”

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a new memo outlining the agency’s immigration “enforcement priorities.”

See here for a quick FAQ on the September 30th Mayorkas Memo.

As the Nation focuses on one chaotic scene after another, from 15,000 Illegals under a bridge to millions being forced to choose whether to quit their job or be forced to be vaccinated against their will the Biden Administration with the above announcement just told the rest of the world that they WILL NOT DEPORT YOU IF YOU’RE ONLY CRIME IS BEING HERE ILLEGALLY.

As he did when he was running for President he just invited the entire third world from Mexico on South to just come on in… At a time when our economy is on a slow collapse due to Covid, the Vaccine, and Bidens Economic policy this Administration is coordinating the flood of the entire country with untrained, unvetted, uneducated Illegals and is spreading them throughout the country. Concentraiting on leaving large amounts in Republican States and Districts.

They are intentionally using Chaos to overwhelm and undermine the system while at the same time they push to give these Illegals voting rights. The first attempt to do that this round failed and was struckdown even in the House, but that was just the first shot. They this week defied the Supreme Court and reinstated a NEW DACA plan & pathway to citizenry.

Last week there were 15,000 people from Haiti under a bridge in Texas. They Deported 2000 single males they believe were criminals. They took the other 13,000 loaded on busses, trains, and airplanes, and dispersed them throughout the country. As we speak we have been told by the President of Panama that there are 60,000 Haitians marching towards our Border in a giant caravan.

The Biden Administration is doing absolutely nothing to stop them, just the opposite it is making preparations to receive them. The MSM has made mention of the issue, but that is all they are doing… making mention. There is practically no investigative journalism going on as to where these people are being shipped or how they are to be accommodated. No politicians feet are being held to the fire. The President can’t answer what day of the week it is and takes NO questions. The exalted Madame Vice President Ms. Harris has vanished from the face of the Earth. The only way we know she’s still alive is she pops her head up in a location where she also can’t be questioned spews a few one liners and then is whisked away back to the twilight zone.

Those in power forget. Donald Trump did not just popup out of nowhere. He didn’t walk off the set of the Apprentice and just decide to run for office and won on celebrity. Donald Trump one on one issue. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION everything else was just potatoes and seasoning. The outrage of the Illegal Immigration of the Obama Administration is what gave us Donald Trump.

What Biden is doing is Obama on steroids. They caught 1.25 MILLION Illegals so far this year. The Border Patrol never catches more than 10% of those that cross even when they are supported. Which is why we need the Wall. By those numbers 12 Million have already entered this year and Joe just invited more.

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  1. Hi Patrick. I haven’t visited ATW in a long time. Reading some of the comments it appears that some contributers may now have formed their own site? Would you be able to give me it’s name or a link please?

        1. Patrick.

          You are in no position to question if anyone is drunk, (I can’t even stand the taste of beer by the way) as a so-called manager of this website, no offence intended, but you might want to think about a career change.


          You can only take this faith thing so far.

        2. Patrick.

          I have never been anything but friendly towards to you in many, many years on ATW.

          You appear to be absolutely intent on driving away even the very last of us old ATW once regulars.

          Patience is not my best virtue, granted, I do not suffer fools gladly, but I am still trying my best, even if for only old times sake.

          1. how did I offend you Harri?
            I have supported you when others wanted you banned, I’ve never had a problem with yo….

            Your comment made no sense….
            The Operative part of the question was…. what are you talking about ?
            Your comment : “Yup, I would say either a) never in your current form, or b) over 20 years ago?”
            doesn’t fit in the conversation… so i ask are you drinking or What are you talking about… there was no offense meant.,

            1. What you and the rest need to understand….. You were all welcome here, I made accommodations for all of you.
              I gave people the opportunity to post, I never interfered in any of your individual arguments, especially between you, percy/kurt/dave….
              You make the statement I want to drive the old crowd away…. YES IDO, AND I DID to the point of banning them.
              This is Davids site, that he left in my control for years. I allowed a small group to push away everyone that disagreed with their point of view and then they made the mistake of trying to drive me away.
              They are gone,
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              Mr M above asked where the others were and I told him….
              I’d rather have NO COMMENTS than nonstop fights and abuse.
              If you want to fight, insult or anything other than discuss the topic of the post well then this site is no longer for you. You are welcome to stay. I always enjoyed your comments even if I didn’t agree.
              I want none of the crowd that was here the last 3 years here PERIOD.
              I am happy they are all still together on the other site, but the People I miss were driven away from the old ATW years ago along with my wife, Andrew, Patty, Mad, Felix….. and they are NOT part of that group.
              This is not the oldsite, and I will never let it become that way again.
              Stay or go Harri…. the choice is yours.

              1. Fair comments Patrick.

                I admire you’re continued faith in ATW.

                Looking back, I now think it was better in the old format, it takes an age for the site to load, it makes no difference if I use the iPad, MacBook, or laptop?

                1. It is a heavy link and video load Harri.
                  2/3rds of our material is podcasts, it may take a minute to load the content, but the content is what matters.
                  If ten seconds is to long…. you’re old enough to remember when everything on the internet was “dialup” modem speed…. imagine still being there….

                  1. We now have EE 4G using a 5G router.

                    The mast is actually visible from our attic room.

                    The Wife and girls can each download a HD movie in under a minute.

                    When you have literally instant website download, Ebay etc, 10 seconds is a long time.

                    1. The speed of Life is the speed of Light…. we now are aware of nano second transmission of info…. live as it happens straight from someone’s phone to our eye a half a world away….. yes 10 seconds is an eternity…
                      less than twenty yrs ago you were reading a physical Newspaper…..
                      the difference in your perspective is a study of relativity….. a total revamp of your minds view of time.

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