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The lazy, feckless, flatulent Mexican Ambassador was awake all along!

So the BBC has wrapped the Top Gear chaps on the knuckles for making fun of Mexicans, as if no-one saw that one coming. It’s ok for Sandi Togstkvigk to pollute the airwaves with the most coarse of all words, but some gentle ribbing ist verboten. Then again they are three straight white Englishmen and she’s a foreign lesbian.

Interesting to see that the “the offending comments were cut before the show was shown in the US”. Good to see Nanny looking out for Americans. Crikey, land of the free and all that but the children aren’t mature enough for jokes about Mexicans. The dreadful evidence of Top Gear’s lack of cultural awareness is below, but if you’re American you are required to stop here. For those of us allowed to watch all of this stuff, the new series (at last a reason to turn on the TV) starts this Sunday, 8pm on BBC2. And no, I still haven’t got one.

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  1. MourneReg –

    He’s into motors and sheds isn’t he? Of course he’s straight.

  2. It’s ok for Sandi Togstkvigk to pollute the airwaves with the most coarse of all words

    Oh how precious. I hope your poor ears have recovered Pete.

  3. What is the most coarse of all words?

    There could be few contenders for that title

  4. Actually, she didn’t even say C U next Tuesday, she simply implied it. The faux outrage over it from the Daily Mail constituency was hilarious!

  5. What is the most coarse of all words?

    Well I would imagine for some of the regulars here it’s ‘liberal’ 🙂

  6. Top Gear is very politically incorrect. Thats what makes it so popular throughout the world. Great Show.

  7. “It’s ok for Sandi Togstkvigk to pollute the airwaves with the most coarse of all words”

    There was a wonderful takedown of the Danish Dwarf by Julie Burchill the other day:

    “Gayness is a wonderful thing, but of all the people the good Lord made gay, I thank Him for making Toksvig and Stephen Fry gay more than anybody else I can think of. IMAGINE IF THOSE TWO HAD GOT TOGETHER AND REPRODUCED! The smugness and self-obsession of any brats they banged out would surely send the I-Love-Me Meter into meltdown. But Nature finds a way, and surely any offspring which sprung from this foul union would have eaten themselves before they learned to walk, so extreme would be their self-regard. “

  8. Good to see Julie Burchill is as charming as ever.

    Tony Parsons and their son had a lucky escape…

  9. Julie Burchill complaining about other people’s vanity? She puts even Toby Young in the shade.

    Doesn’t Sandy T have children?

  10. It is one of the most shallow, trivial and inconsequential shows on tv. It’s ‘incorrectness amounts to little more than a childish truculence that appeals to its numerous fans among those with the fashionable ‘metro yob’ mentality that fuels the UK’s obsession with so-called ‘celebrity’.

    That Clarkson and May are both highly intelligent men, makes their participation in such a show seem somewhat cynical.

    In case of any doubt, – no! I am not a fan of the show…

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