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Click cuteoverload.com and find out. Now. Click it, damn it.

Too. Cute.

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12 thoughts on “Do Hamsters Spoon?

  1. Those are not gerbils. Gerbils have long tails like mice. Are they laying in a bowl of milk? This woman is an animal freak.
    Mahons will probably want to know if she’s a nun.

    Vermin are not cute. The foals were lovely though.

  2. Daphne – LOL. If only hampsters were gerbils. Then we could ask Richard Gere for the answer (urban legend?).

  3. Ahhh Mahons, My first thought was about Gere, but I decided not to go there! Glad to see you did, nice to know I’m not the only snarky thinker.

    Come on David, let’s go ahead and oppress the hamsters, we’re not allowed to oppress anything else nowadays.

  4. Daphe: In his youth Colm would have referenced Gere the second it was posted. He’s slowing down so I’ve taken up the slack in the snarky department.

  5. David,

    I said it was wrong to have wimmin posters! I guessed this would happen…

    Now look at what we are going to have endure – ‘cute!’ – please, anything but cute!

    What are you trying to do to us? – is this all part of Dave C’s campaign to make us into ‘nicer’ folk?

    Let it be said, – I love animals, preferably roasted and with two veg and potatoes, – but the gerbils and hamsters, I leave to the pop stars of yesteryear, (a.k.a ‘has beens’)…

    In any other context this ‘stuff’ is considered spam, (pun intended)….

  6. "Those are not gerbils. Gerbils have long tails like mice. Are they laying in a bowl of milk?"

    naah… definitely gerbils. Tails are probably curled under. I used to keep the lil’ cuties myself.. i’d recognize em anywhere.
    LOL@the bowl of milk!! .. its an exercise wheel.
    Next you’ll be claiming its a fried egg 🙂

    DV… Islhamsterophobia, as practised by propaganda minister Josef Gerbils ??

  7. Daphne,

    "Are they laying in a bowl of milk?"

    It looks like a cross between a breast implant and some kind of genetically engineered fried egg.

    And I don’t think those gerbils/hamsters/mice are just asleep.

  8. Frank: I didn’t know you had so much funny in you. ROFL.

    Ernest Young: It’s womb-an to you. I will agree with you – the "cute overload" site is like a twinkie for the eyes.

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