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I need to do this post,

I am watching unfold around me in my Nation the most ridiculous, stupid, campaign the world has ever seen. You can tell watching this group that they did inhale, not only did they inhale they then sat in awe of some radical 60s bomb planting wackos on whatever campus they were on and bought into the bull that he/she/it fed them.  

Here is Proud Communist Van Jones, talking to Proud Socialist Lawrence O”Donnell. Listen to what this schmuck has to say.


He is talking about an organized assault on the American people by professional malcontents, collage communists, organized labor, and community organizers. All against the Tea Party and the “Rich”

I love it those who Do Well, need to do By.  These idiots you see in NY protesting Wall St and Filming everything, trying to get Police Brutality on film. There a pack of spoiled little commie Che wannabe’s.

Here are the pack of fools being shown on Al Jezeera

These are useful dupes, The top 10% of American Earners pay 80% of the taxes. The other 20 % is paid by the Middle Class. The lower 50% of Americans pay NOTHING in taxes, yet these are the people that are protesting.

The best part is they are being organized by the Democrat Party, The SEIU, The ACLU, and the Teamsters.  What they are protesting in favor of is that the Government Continue to Spend more than it takes in, And to pay for it, they DEMAND that those of us that WORK give more.

What the fools in the street don’t grasp and probably never will, the organizers do know and are playing Russian Roulette with. The Tea Party, and the 90% Which is primarily the American Small business owner, you know the Butcher, the Baker, the Landscaper, The Painter the people who put an average of 50-60hrs a week in working.

They are focusing those malcontents that pay nothing in a violent manner at those of us that do pay, do follow the rules, live within our budgets. They are provoking them to attack us as the problem.

We are NOT the problem, We are the Tax Payers, and we are armed.

Sooner or later one of these malcontent groups are going to attack a business owner, or destroy a taxpayers property and we will defend ourselves. and this is what the Democrat party, President Obama, The ACLU, and the Teamsters want. This could get real ugly.

We will NOT give up 100% of our property and our Earnings so that others don’t have to work, and so that the Government can spend more than it takes in. The Progressive Left is in it’s Death Throws, it is trying to provoke a revolution to save itself. We the majority of America. The Taxpayers, The Conservatives, those that believe that if you want to do well, you must work hard, are about to vote them completely out of power  and their answer is to try and fight us with violence, protests, and threats.

This will not work, you who have the time to live in a park and protest Wall St.  Take a bath, cut your hair, and get a job. Go home before you get hurt. You Union thug, save your money now because you will not make more in a pension than you put in yourself, and you Politician you will learn to live like the rest of us. Balance your books.

The choice to provoke violence is being taken by those that don’t believe in self defense against those of us that do. Doesn’t sound like a bright idea to me, but then again I’m NOT a Community Organizer.

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17 thoughts on “Do well in America, Do well by America?

  1. These idiots are displaying the same mob hysteria that Hitler evoked in his Aryan tribe back in the 1930’s.

    It’s easy to get sucked into the “mob musical opera”. It’s “hip” to belong to the roaring throng of the masses.

    Look at any “Rock concert” like Woodstock. The message is join in even if you don’t like the music.

    Young people all over the world are the same. They haven’t evolved. And the sad part is that many of these unevolved youth are old.

    There wasn’t much organized “push-back” in the 1960’s. Yea the Chicago police did a magnificent job in 1968. And the National Guard were spectacular in 1970. But, for the most part, the average working person just knuckled down and let the “unwashed hippie rabble” rant, burn and riot. Because that’s all those animals wanted to do. Get the attention their upper middle-class parents didn’t give them.

    Today, it’s different. The working class have their ear to the ground and they know the class warfare is going to boil over into a real ugly conflict. Outside interests (Islamic militants) are fomenting the destruction of American society from within.

    The interesting part is that if the 21st century “anti-Capitalist” turds seize the day they’ll be the first to be eliminated. They are the ignorant being led blindly to the slaughter.

    It’s time the decent, hard-working middle-class folks take the kid-gloves off and bitch-slap these spoiled brats hard enough to rattle their grey matter.

  2. Eddie – the middle classes are being wiped out by Wall Street, not by those who want to Occupy Wall Street.

  3. no the middle class is systematically being wiped out by the political left, those occupying wall st are pawns of the political left.

    Wall St Allan is not the enemy, they are earning money, not standing there with their handout

  4. Troll

    Do you ever think?

    The biggest threat to the middle class is global trade with extreme low wage countries. Our factory workers are competing with people in China making $3 a day.

    And you have never once spoken about this fundamental change that has been underway for 25 years, under Republican and Democratic administrations.

    There are other bad realities – union abuse, management idiocy and theft – and you never address those things either.

    Guess it is easier to parrot Republican slogans all day and pass it off as debate.

  5. oh bullshit I have to addressed those issues, and I continue to addressed them. The labor Unions have destroyed US Production and cut the workers throat. I watched it first hand as US Air Exec. In that case you had both Union Abuse, and Upper Management Idiocy.

    This post is about this stupidity of the left to try and rabble rouse, they are pointing the freak brigade at the Taxpayer. That is not very smart.

    The biggest threat to the middle class phantom is the Green Wackos and their agenda. The Price of fuel is the number one threat to the middle class

  6. Troll – the money that Wall Street is ‘earning’: where does it come from?

    I reckon it comes from a building just a few hundred yards away – the NY Fed. I also reckon that this ‘money’ gets magicked up out of nothing and then released electronically to the accounts of the banks which also happen to own that same Federal Reserve, a private institution which is not Federal and has no reserves.

  7. Troll

    And corrupt and incompetent management in countless companies

    But the biggest threat is free trade with very low wage countries and that has not been addressed on this site to any extent except by me

    The rest of you tend to think its all the evil Democrats and their regulations and that is such a incomplete and dishonest reading of the situation

    Esp since the countries that are thriving – Germany – are a lot more regulated than the US is, including in the environmental area. I had a discussion with a multinational company this past week on that. German rules are far stricter than US rules are. Did you know that

  8. no free trade is not a threat, if government got out of business and they shut down the epa, we could out produce any nation on earth.

    The communists in Washington and the labor unions are the threat not free trade, oh and bull the US is the highest taxed, highest regulated push business, out of the country rules in all the industrial nations.

    And we can thank the enviro-commies, the unnion-commies, and the give me money for nothing commies.

    Release the oil, shut down the unions and full speed ahead, no one can touch us. Oh and I love the fact that you hold Germany up as “The Model”…lol

  9. In the name of freedom, you want to restrict the freedom of workers to form unions.

    How will US textile workers be able to compete with Vietnamese textile workers making 10% the salary? Be specific.

    You are parroting Republican slogans

  10. no one wants to restrict unions, but neither should workers be forced to join unions, nor should there be a public sector work union.

    We can compete in any industry with modernized equipment and the freedom to open factories.

    Right now you can’t modernize because it might hurt some poor union slobs job, and you can’t build a factory in a state that isn’t a union state, add on top of that that you cant build a factory, drill, an oil well, and now not even burn coal, let alone breath due to the EPA, is why GE is building in china, Ford is building in India etc etc.

    Phantom you are the one that’s fallen for a party line, and it’s the communist party

  11. But free trade and automation remain problems remain the fundamental problem, and one that no Republican solutions can begin to address.

    Mexico and China have access to all the same modernized equipment that the US does. Plus much lower labor rates, much lower than the minimum wage here even.

    The only way to compete against that in many industries is to accept lower and lower wages here.

    And that’s something that you’ll never ever hear from the Tea Party / Republican / Koch Brothers phonies.

  12. no the more we manufacture here at home, the more we will sell american made, Mexico is in an internal war and will be for decades, China as it gets more and more profitable it will suffer major problems due to the treatment of their own people.

    Long term we actually have the edge

  13. It may surprise you that the Mexican economy has been outperforming the US economy for some time.

    Despite the bleeding caused by America’s drug war.

    In low skilled manufacturing, the low wage country will usually have the edge. And no amount of high tech machinery can change that.

  14. Last year, Mexico’s economy rose by 5.4%

    They’re stronger and richer than you may think – despite the drug wars.

    Thanks to the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and a string of bilateral deals, it trades more than Argentina and Brazil combined, and more per person than China. Last year it did $400 billion of business with the United States, more than any country bar Canada and China. The investment rate, at more than a fifth of GDP, is well ahead of Brazil’s. Income per person slipped below Brazil’s in 2009, but only because of the real’s surge and the peso’s weakness. After accounting for purchasing power, Mexicans are still better off than Brazilians.

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