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The most absurd (and comic masterpiece) episode regarding licenses was the exchange between Inspector Clouseau and the blind accordian player over his “minkey”. That is until New York State started to allow illegal aliens the right to a drivers license yesterday.

It is an outlandish error from unprincipled politicians. Emergency medical care? ok. A privilege like a license? No.

People should not be able to flout certain laws of a country and then benefit from its privileges. Providing licenes encourages illegal immigration and rewards it. There is no credible benefit to New York in doing this, and significant problems in doing so (not the least of which is encouraging illegal immigration. A driver’s license is not a human right. It is not humanitarian intervention. Extending it to illegal aliens is complicity in violating immigration laws.

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19 thoughts on “Do you have a license for that Monkey?

  1. I don’t think anyone is saying it is a human right. Is it not true that many undocumented immigrants drive anyway without a license (and thus without having to pass a standardised test to ensure they are able to drive) and without insurance (because they have no license to get insurance)? And so would passing measures that increase driving tests amongst undocumented immigrants and increase insurance amongst undocumented immigrants not a good thing?

  2. Drivers Licenses are pushed because when you get a drivers license they are required to ask you to register to vote.

    It puts thousands of illegals on the voter roles that no one checks or purges.

  3. It certainly increases the chances for voter fraud, and it allows illegals on domestic flights. And it provides cover for avoiding arrest.
    The illegals shouldn’t be here in the first place. And in NYC they have no need of vehicles.

  4. They would need a vehicle if they were working delivering fruit and veg to markets, etc which is an exposure that I see.

    But yes, they don’t have any right to be here, so we should be making it more uncomfortable for them, not less.

    We are incentivizing illegal behavior blurring the lines between citizen and illegal.

  5. If you are a centrist of the ( let’s just say ) Truman / JFK / early Bill Clinton mode, there simply is no home for you in the Democratic or Republican parties of today.

    The leadership of both parties support crime, the base of both parties endorses crime.

  6. This is a bit confusing to outsiders.

    Over here, if an undocumented immigrant is somehow caught in or by the “system”, either by applying for some official document or by having an accident at work or simply being stopped and identified by cops on the street, then he either has to get legal or get out pronto.

    One big advantage for the authorities, and a problem for illegal immigrants, is that everyone in most European countries has to be registered at a place of residence and carry an ID indicating this. But even if you can’t show any ID, the cops or other authorities can immediately verify you’re registered at the address you state by logging in to their registration database. This database also contains a lot of other info, such as if you are a wanted man. The onus is on the individual to prove he’s registered.

    It seems from this post that you can be recognised and accepted in the general state bureaucracy, or at least parts of it, without having a legal residence status in the country, and then all carry on regardless.

  7. There has been a dangerous, creeping blurring of the line between the legal resident and the illegal resident here.

    There are many government incentives to coming here illegally now, including health care, schooling, sanctuary policies, driver licenses.

    There is talk of allowing illegal aliens having the ability to vote in local elections

    What could go wrong?

  8. This law allows undocumented residents to use foreign-issued documents to prove their identity and age, and doesn’t require a valid Social Security #. It’s been challenged in the courts unsuccessfully a few times.

  9. no rulings were on the merits though and to the point about ‘driving a fruit truck’ above–the law doesn’t apply to commercial licenses–just noncommercial licenses.

    There are about 882,000 undoc “New Yorkers” over the age of 16.

    On Seamus’ point: Four years after neighboring Connecticut passed a similar law, the DMV there said it had a reduction in hit-and-run crashes and a decline in unlicensed driving tickets.

  10. Requirements:
    •An unexpired passport issued by the applicant’s country of citizenship.
    •An unexpired identification document issued by a consulate from the applicant’s country of citizenship.
    •A valid foreign driver’s license that includes a photo of the applicant and is either unexpired or expired within the prior two years.

    Applicants also have to prove they live in New York, e.g., by showing a recent utility bill with their name and address on it.

  11. //There are many government incentives to coming here illegally now, including health care, schooling, sanctuary policies, driver licenses.

    There is talk of allowing illegal aliens having the ability to vote in local elections//

    That’s insane. None of that would ever be possible here.
    Maybe there’s a difference in what you mean by “coming here illegally”. In Europe, it doesn’t really matter how an immigant got into the country, whether his entry was legal or illegal; at least, there’s no enforced difference.

    What does matter is that everyone must be legally IN the country. All immigrants – in fact all people whether native or foreign – have to be registered; they have to have a specific status (refugee, short-term residence permit etc.) and always have to have a fixed address. They also have to report any change in address for a new registration.

    “Illegals” here means simply people who are not registered. If they are in any way detected by the system, they are deported.

    What happens in NY if an “illegal” is stopped by cops and his illegal status established? Is he then arrested or released again so he can go and apply for a driving license?

  12. I agree Noel. I’ve heard tales of illegals paying taxes, voting etc in the US

    All very confusing for your average Euroweenie. As a non Spanish EU resident in Spain I must present my residence papers for all official business.

  13. NY State and City are ” sanctuary ” places.

    The local or state police AFAIK are not allowed to ask about legal/illegal status, and would not be allowed to report it to the feds if they came to know that information.

    So an illegal would never be arrested or detained for that reason, by the local or state police.

    The federal ICE force is a different matter.

    It’s very messed up now.

  14. illegals often pay taxes when they are ‘on the books’. They use fake SS#s or they just use 000-00-0000. Really. Some states require people to have official ID docs.

  15. Ultimately, the left want everybody to be able to take a dump in a supermarket aisle without fear:


    “What is most telling here is that this guy had the wherewithal to find the toilet paper aisle, pull out a roll and then yank down his pants,” The Golden Rule added. “So no excuses arguing this guy wasn’t capable of making choices before defecating … he made quite a few choices to get to that point.”

    “And yet, SF continues to reject politicians that would fight to stop this in favor of politicians who will do absolutely nothing,” David Herrmann wrote. “You get what you elect.”

    In November, San Francisco voters elected radical liberal Chesa Boudin as the city’s newest district attorney based on his promises not to prosecute so-called “quality of life crimes” like public urination, defecation, and camping on the sidewalk, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

    “We will not prosecute cases involving quality-of-life crimes,” he said. “Crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk, etc., should not and will not be prosecuted. Many of these crimes are still being prosecuted; we have a long way to go to decriminalize poverty and homelessness.”

    I thought that this was satirical so I checked the embedded link and I found that it was for real


    It turns out that voters in SF really did elect somebody who allows street-shitting, supermarket-shitting, anywhere-shitting – this is where it’s heading. The demographics in the US have tilted in favour of street-shitters

  16. //Ultimately, the left want everybody to be able to take a dump in a supermarket aisle without fear://

    I was, given the title, more expecting something involving Italian football clubs.

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