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One of the major issues afflicting the UK is an inadequate  supply of home-grown and educated and trained doctors.  So why does this happen?

Straight-A students are being turned away from medicine degrees at British universities due to ‘bonkers’ government quotas, health experts have warned. The news comes as the NHS recruits foreign doctors in record numbers, many of whom have ‘little or no knowledge of British culture’.

Quotas mean that top students are forced to study medicine abroad – and fund their own education – or choose another degree. For 2013-2014, English universities were allowed to recruit just 6,071 medicine students, even though the General Medical Council registers 13,000 doctors each year and the NHS struggles to recruit enough staff. An estimated 6,000 newly-registered doctors each year are foreigners who trained overseas.

Experts have warned this practice puts lives at risk, because many of these doctors have poor English and are not always familiar with drugs used in this country.

Our priorities are so wrong! We should be encouraging as many British students to train to the highest medical standards and pursue a career in health here in the UK. Instead, bizarrely, we limit their numbers via quotas and then import foreign doctors, often with lethal consequences.  This really needs fixed. We churn out legions of “media studies” graduates who end up stacking shelves in supermarkets and we cannot supply enough new doctors.

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4 thoughts on “DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE?

  1. We will never know why. Decisions made without rhyme or reason and all with unexpected consequences, and none made with any thought of any benefit to the general public.

    It’s all too easy to let the imagination wander and conjure up thoughts of a ‘grand plan’ to finally put GB in its rightful place among third world countries, – but nah! that’s just another conspiracy theory and besides our politicians may be greedy and corrupt, but I doubt that any of them have the brains to master-mind such a scheme.

    That many towns already give that impression is surely just a natural regression from what ‘once was’. The US has its ‘Detroits’, and the UK has several towns well on the way to a similar fate.

    It could all just be nature’s way of rewarding sloth, indolence, ignorance and corruption, – and that’s just our political class! It happened to Rome and other ancient regimes, why not Britain?

  2. “Straight-A students are being turned away from medicine degrees at British universities due to ‘bonkers’ government quotas … English universities were allowed to recruit just 6,071 medicine students …”

    Government is insane. The quotas being so wrong (of course they are, government sets them) is the least of it: what has the number of medical students got to do with government anyway?

    Nothing of course, but politics must pollute everything.

  3. my son leaves home to study medicine in two weeks,“Straight-A student,volenteer work, breezed the uk cat exam and was very lucky to get in. over 4000 interviewed for 253 places. how many of these are foreign fee paying students? its disgusting that a lot of students who would make great doctors are being denied a chance.

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