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The ‘steam column’ project was designed to run in conjunction…..Cultural Olympiad


Say no more.

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2 thoughts on “D’ohhhhh….Mk. Two.

  1. Bounemouth has had a similar waste of money – £3 million of ratepayers cash spent on a ‘surfing reef’ at Boscombe.

    It never worked, it was rarely used, and now it is damaged beyond repair.

    This is in addition to the building of an Imax cinema, that cost millions to build, was litle used and which everyone objected to – because it spoiled a wonderful sea front view. It has now been demolished – costing more millions, – the council are so proud of their failure that they have a webcam of the site. And this is a building just fifteen years old.


  2. Hot air would have worked better.
    Given our politicians something to do whilst awaiting fEUrther instrEUctions from BrEUssels..

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