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I see that the US dollar has hit a 26 year low against the British Pound, finishing at around $2.06 to the Pound. Happy days!

Hawaii-Posters.jpgThis December marks my 20th Wedding Anniversary and the Vance family will be travelling to the good ol’ USA! We’re planning to visit California (San Francisco, and yes, I will of course have flowers in my hair whilst watching out for pesky  liberals) and then to a couple of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai and Oahu. We’ll see in Christmas and the New Year on Waikiki beach, as I sip the local beverages and reflect on the year that was! Best of all, with the dollar so low against the Pound, my wife and kids will be tempted into doing their level best to restore US prosperity by spending all their  dollars in a blaze of shopping glory!

When I got married, back in 1987, I had a choice of two honeymoon destinations. Bali was one, Hawaii the other. I chose Bali, and now after these years, I’m back for Hawaii! To get in the mood, I bought a CD of Hawaiian music today, which was surprisingly pleasant if a tad eccentric in the avenues and alleyways of Northern Ireland. I’m hoping to find a way to blog during this extended break otherwise there will be more than a three week silence from yours truly. I always enjoy the Christmas period here on ATW, it’s a nice feel as the extended ATW family is pleasant to each other for all of a few days. So, I’m watching currency exchange rates with more than a little interest these days, and I trust the mighty Dollar sinks a little lower so that the Vance budget goes that little bit longer!

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  1. I think it’s wonderful that soon you will be experiencing the alohoha spirit of the Hawaiian islands. I love Hawaiii. Also, on a good day, it’s extremely expensive, so it’s great the exchange is in your favor.

    Make sure you try poi!

  2. Will you be the local who wears the hawaiian shirts that look as tho they are made from a pair of curtains? I’d like to be a fly on the wall in donaghcloney when you saunter past in one of those! Knee length shorts?? Flowers in your hair, errm maybe twenty odd years ago, but from the vlog it looks as tho you have a very high forehead.

    All of you have a nice time.

  3. Great post, David. A joy to read and a beautiful picture.
    Congrats on 20 years with Mrs. Vance and hope you all have a great time.

    BTW – for your 20th anniversary should you not have gone to China?

  4. "and yes, I will of course have flowers in my hair "

    didn’t think you had any hair left Dave 🙂 lol
    you’ll have to velcro the flower on lol

  5. lol David.
    I’m heading to New York for 4 weeks with work, and have my eye on a new set of Teitleist golf clubs. Shoud be able to save myself nearly 1300-1500 euro compared to buying them over here.
    Do you have any toys in mind for youself?

  6. Congratulations on the twenty year mark! And I suspect Mrs. Vance vetoed your original idea of visiting Crawford, Texas instead of San Francisco. Enjoy the trip.

  7. For all the loathsome quality of its politics, San Francisco is a delightful city to visit. With the strength of the British pound, you’ll live like one of the rajahs. But having nothing to do with the natives apart from giving them money.

  8. David, Have a wonderful trip.
    I too went to Bali on my honeymoon. I remember my Da saying, they’re off to Bali and we went to Bundoran! How times have changed.

    If the ladies love to shop- is there a Bloomingdales in SF? One word David- Jeans ( high end- expensive but with the dollar…..).

  9. ‘So, I’m watching currency exchange rates with more than a little interest these days, and I trust the mighty Dollar sinks a little lower so that the Vance budget goes that little bit longer!’

    David, I am not sure it will go much lower. I watch it every day, due to my fasicnation with the international economy. The currencies it is most likely to see more dramtic change with is the currencies of the emerging markets.
    With GDP report out today ( and better growth than expected, by 0.9%) and cut in rate expected, I think it may have gone as low as it will go against other major currencies.

  10. Thx to allf for the kind wishes!

    When I said hair, I of course meant it in the singular sense!


    I loved Bali, did you? When we were there, there was a pretty bad earthquake in Japan and the tremors hit Bali. That’s why I am certain the earth moved for Mrs Vance.

  11. In love in Bali? How could that not be loved.

    LOL David, no earthquakes in my time there, but some tremors alright 🙂

  12. The Balinese people were so nice, so well mannered and kind. I was so sickened when the Jihadi struck there several years at Kuta, I can recall being there when it was still not very developed.

  13. David.
    If, on the way back you have a few hours to kill and want to uproariously entertain the family, call by at Dulles airport and tell them your a friend of Shahid Malik, and want the VIP treatment……

  14. lol Good one Bernard.

    ”When I said hair, I of course meant it in the singular sense!”

    A knotted handkerchief for your head wouild come in handy, and don’t forget the belt to go with the braces for the shorts! You show Hawaii a true Brit abroad!

  15. Hawaii has long been one of my favorite places. So different from the rest of America, the islands so different from one another.

    Splitting it up between Oahu and Kauai is not a bad way to do it. Waikiki is overbuilt to be sure, but it is one of the more dramatic stretches of beach to be found anywhere. I’ve been there a number of times, and have friends there, so if you have any questions, give me a shout.

    Some quick suggestions-
    The Polynesian Cultural Center, up on the north side of the island, sounds hokey but is not–well worth a visit

    The US Army Museum of Hawaii, over by the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki, is not a grand museum, but is worth stopping by.

    The Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri-must see, self-evident

    The Ala Moana Mall-if you’re in the mood to spend those pounds, you’ll find it all by this mega-mall right off Waikiki. At one time, it was the largest mall in America. Almost too big.

    Hawaiian shirts–which they call "Aloha shirts"–the good ones from Tori Richard and other quality manufacturers are the ones you want. The fabric is literally inside out, for an understated appearance.Prices usually much better at Macy’s or Sears at Ala Moana Mall than at a store in a hotel.

    Beware, once you hear a certain amount of Hawaiian music, you may become hooked. And no matter where you are, there are a number of commercial and non-commercial internet radio stations that play it. Most of it is junk, but some of it will be the loveliest guitar-based music you’ve ever heard.





  16. Phantom.
    Good link that ‘rainbow’.com. The rhythmic guitar playing is foottappingly seductive.
    When listening to it, ’tis difficult not to think of Spike Jones and his Wacky Wakakians playing the Hawaiian War Chant!
    Musical Depreciation, at it’s best!

  17. Who introduced the guitar to Hawaii?

    Mexican and Spanish cowboys!

    Rich tradition of music and song in Hawaii. I love the slack key guitar.

    Other strange offshoots have included "Jawaiian", until recently an immensely popular type of reggae tied to Hawaiian political nationalism, a minority opinion, but one strongly felt by many–you can hear it in a lot of the music from there, incl the Hawaiian Rainbow music site.


    I don’t think that many NY residents fly our state flag, but the Hawaiian flag is flown by many. Some of it is clearly apolitical, pride in a place that you can only love, but for some, this has a political dimension. Some fly the flag, at times upside down ( distress signal ) as a sign of nationhood. There are those who want Hawaii to secede and once again be independent.


  18. Hi,

    I’m starting to try to collate some of the Scottish, Irish, American and other overseas Vances in the hope of finally sorting out the connection between them/you and my family of Vans of Barnbarroch. You may be familiar with the work I have already done on the Scottish side of the family which can be found at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~vfarch and with my published paper, "The Origin of the Irish Vances".

    I am co-ordinating my work as far as I can with that of the Vance DNA research project – for further details of that, see http://www.vancegenealogy.com/index.php. I would urge any male Vances to take a look at the website and consider having a DNA test done as this seems to be a potentially useful tool in untangling the truth of the matter.

    I would also be very grateful if any of you Vance descendants would be prepared to share your data with me, preferably as a gedcom file to save me re-typing it all.

    Best wishes to all members of the Vans/Vance family,

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