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I see that the totalitarian instincts of the SNP Scottish government extends to seeking to police the internet;

Plans to restrict online alcohol sales in Scotland have been branded “unenforceable”.  The Scottish Government yesterday (19 December)launched a consultation on a fuRther shake-up of the country’s alcohol licensing regime. The proposals include giving more power to the police and licensing boards and improving the “effectiveness” of the licensing regime.  Among the measures suggested is banning online multi-buy orders that are placed with retailers outside the country. Under laws introduced in October last year multi-buy deals are banned in Scotland.  The consultation paper asks: “If this were introduced, would the police and local authorities be able to carry out meaningful compliance and enforcement action?”

Are they serious? Will Scottish plod be checking on your internet purchases? How? At what cost and at what price to liberty? Under the guise of cracking down on alcohol consumption (Key to life in Scotland I would have thought) these control freaks want to control the  internet.

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  1. Idiots.

    Notwithstanding that it must be obvious to everyone by now that regulation never stops, that government will always find something to ban:

    Among the measures suggested is banning online multi-buy orders that are placed with retailers outside the country.

    What do these cretins think the single market is all about? Buying booze from England or France is no different, under the EU laws which the Jock political mafia claims to support, than from the off licence down the road.

    Really, the time for hangings is long past.

  2. Yes ‘the times they are a changin alright’. No pictures of the victim or the perps so being ‘Brent’ one must draw one’s own conclusions ..Op Trident?

    Anway British Justice at it’s finest. Glad to see running amok with a weapon and shooting people still gets you bail these days. I reckon if Jack the Ripper had waited a bit he’d have got a community service order or maybe a small fine these days.
    Crime’s falling …repeat enough until you believe this ‘Goebbelisation’.

  3. The US is a single market, but alcohol sales are banned in a surprising number of areas. I’d think that most such areas ban internet sales of alcohol, otherwise they have no local control on this

    And I believe that so long as in state and out of state sellers are sellers are treated the same, I believe its legal for states to ban internet sales of booze also. Absent this there is no local control at all. You want zero local control on this?


  4. Local control can be consistent with a single market – unless one says this means that all state ( US ) region or nation ( EU ) rights to regulate sales of any problem product is to be obliterated.

    I don’t think that many will want to eliminate all local powers in this area. I would think that many here have argued for more local power, not to remove all vestiges of it.

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