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DonkeyDM2807_468x348.jpgFor almost 40 years it has been one of the highlights of the summer for young locals and holidaymakers alike. But yesterday the Llandudno Donkey Derby came to grief at the dreaded hurdle of Health and Safety. Organisers were told that they could not put children on the back of donkeys for the 30-second race which is the highlight of the event in the North Wales resort. Apparently the insurers would not touch the event and so it can no longer take place. 

We keep touching on these seemingly trivial little stories but at the heart of all these tales (Donkey tails?) is the erosion of our way of life because of an increasingly compensation crazy culture. It needs to stop before we become paralysed with fear, and where inaction is seen as preferable to doing something. 

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6 thoughts on “DONKEY DANGER!

  1. Th health and safety fanatics along with the expansion of the compensation culture and the abuse of Human Rights laws are becoming as big a challenge to social freedoms as the abuse of Trade union powers did in the 1970’s and needs to be challenged just as effectively.

  2. I don’t think it’s compensation culture per se. Being able to take people to civil court is essential to the functioning of a civillised society. What is stupid, is that the law dosen’t seem to be just about negligence or the breaking of contracts etc. It seems that, if the child were to fling itself from the donkey and get hurt all by itself the owner/operator having done nothing wrong would still get sued. There also seems to be little or no provision for children in civil law, which should be resolved.

  3. Cl

    I did say "the expansion of the compensation culture..

    Of course I accept there are legitimate reasons for compensation in our society but increasingly common sense is abandoned in an attempt to remove the slghtest risk in life which is ridiculous or claims are made for activities which were clearly caused by the gross irresponsibility or mendacity of the ‘victim’.

  4. I do Elfin Safety for a living. I started when it had the laudable aim of making sure that workers stood a reasonably certain chance of being able to go home in one piece at the end of their shift to their families.

    Nowadays I wonder if a change of career is needed.

    Seriously though, the culprit is not the Elfin Safety Officer, but the greedy lawyers who have cynically used the law to feather their own nests, and the insurance company cowards who have been unwilling to stand up to them.

    To see how bad it could get, have a look at overlawyered.com .

  5. Fred,

    The US compensation awards are ‘jury awards’, where the jury sets the level of damages for the injury and often adds another sum for punitive damages. All mounting up to a hefty sum.

    That doesn’t happen in the UK, – at least not yet, the Judge sets the damages, much less likely to be influence dby a sob story…

  6. Just another sad example of the creeping fascism of health and safety. The problem is that as a society we seem to be more and more averse to any kind of risk. And of course the compensation culture is advancing steadily.

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