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A retired lecturer died along with one of his dogs when they were crushed by a herd of cows, an inquest heard.

John McNamara’s body was found surrounded by cattle near Forest Row, East Sussex, on 8 October 2018.

The inquest heard the cows may have felt protective of their calves, as Mr McNamara and his three dogs used a public footpath through a field.

An inquest jury returned a conclusion of accidental death.

We know that dogs shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near cows, calves present or not. There are too many of these stories to justify not taking the risk. I’m out most weekends in the country and I don’t go near them. If it means a long detour so be it.

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One thought on “DON’T GO NEAR COWS

  1. NEVER run if you are surrounded by Cows they will instinctively run with and you will get trampled.

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