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jfk-airport-address.jpgWhat did you make of the shocking revelations concerning the plot to blow up fuel tanks and pipelines serving the JFK airport in New York, one of the world’s busiest?  The plot – which is said not to have gone past the planning stages – involved blowing up the airport’s fuel tanks and pipeline, US justice department officials said. The devastation this would have caused is unimaginable and shows the evil creative genius we are up against. Congrats to those who have disrupted this but what amazed me most is the BBC TV news reports got through the entire report of this and NEVER mentioned the words Islamic or Al Queda, or heaven forbid, Muslim. They remain in complete denial that Islam is at war with us, pure and simple. Were this 1938, and not 2007, It would be the "Nazi" word they would be avoiding.

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52 thoughts on “DON’T MENTION ISLAM…..

  1. David – they do mention it. What amazes me is that the last plot was dismissed as just a couple of idiots, Adam Gadahn is dismissed as an idiot, though he was out on then et last week ranting and now this. When will America wake up to what is happening on its OWN turf.

  2. From the BBC report (and you know id be the first to call them on this of they hadnt mentioned it!)

    "The authorities said both men were associates of Jamaat al Muslimeen, a Muslim organisation behind a coup attempt in Trinidad in 1990".

  3. Alison,

    Not on the BBC TV news headlines I watched this morning but maybe they have updated!

    Can you imagine the response this story would get under a Hillary Clinton Presidency? Just because "we" lose interest in Islam does not mean militant Islam loses interest in killing us, in London, NYC, wherever. This is the first major war where one side chooses to pretend it it not happening.

  4. Wonder how US Democrat John Edwards views this? I recall he has proclaimed there IS no global Jihad.

  5. Over at LGF on one of their posts about us Brits again, this time Johnson hostage in Gaza: "The Brits are weasels" & "Britain capitulates in 3,2, 1" two i could be bothered to read. Never mind Gadahn oiling the same Al Qaeda PR machine, unprompted and unscripted, off his own back. never mind the same shit in their own backyards manifesting itself yesterday – bigstyle. Wonder if i suggested that ‘weasel’, ‘capitulates’ crap about John Edwards or Hilary Clinton or George Religion of Peace Bush when the occasion inevitably arises id be accused of anti americanism? Or generalised about Gadahn that all americans are idiot al-q grovelling stooges how far that would get me! lol

  6. The devastation this would have caused is unimaginable and shows the evil creative genius we are up against.

    And as if to demonstrate their ‘creative genius’ they got caught in the planning stage.

    I am planning on blowing up Iceland (the country, not the food store). In fact, I have discussed this with acquaintances a couple of times. Don’t you admire my ‘evil creative genius’?

  7. I tend to agree with Hugh here. This sounds more like a group of fantastical idiots mouthing about what they would like to do , but who probably had about as much ability to carry out this attack as I do of becoming a world cup goal scoring champion.

  8. "Islam is at war with us, pure and simple"

    So what’s stopping them? Why do Muslim taxi drivers ferry us safely home instead of shoving us out the door and running us over? Why do Muslim doctors and nurses cure our ailments instead of taking a leaf of out Harold Shipman’s book? Why don’t they all just shove us under buses or off train platforms?

  9. Colm – if someone had told me two jets would be piloted by civilians into the WTC i would have laughed at it too.

  10. Guys,

    Once upon a time, the thought of flying jet liners at 500mph into office blocks sounded fantastical. You are all way too complacent on this one. The fact that they got CAUGHT does not obviate their malign deigns. What’s stopping them, Frank, is time, but relax, with their birth-rate and a little more time, they can solve your worries.

  11. Frank


    Because tof course they are not true Muslims. Surely you know only those who strap bombs to themsleves and hurl themsleves into crowds are genuine Muslims. 99.99% of the world’s Islamic population are either fakes or ‘sleepers’ just conning the rest of us with their normal going about life as usual behaviour. We’re all doomed!

  12. Colm – sorry to come back to you but im baffled at your approach to this. To suggest Islam is all at fault is wrong but to stick your head up your own arse or in the sand about this situation and the potential consequneces is disgusting.

  13. Alison/David

    It is the easiest thing in the world to talk about fantasies. Carrying them out a very different matter indeed. It seems so far that this case rests on intercepted and recorded conversations. If they had actually been cought with the paraphernalia and in a physical situation where it looked as if they could actually technically carry out the plot that would be a different story. For every terror plot capable of being carried out there must be a million which will only ever be verbal fantasies of deluded hate filled idiots. I doubt very much if this was a ‘lucky escape’ or mass murder stopped before it could occur.

  14. You sit on the fence on these issues too much. get a grip man. When a plot is highlighted and exposed then its clearly an issue. For all the cases that do get highlighted there must many more that dont.

  15. Alison. Yes of course I laughed at 9/11 . Hilarious.

    Is that the stupid answer you wanted to your stupid question ?

  16. Colm,

    It is the easiest thing in the world to destroy a complacent West which fails to see the Islamic writing on the wall. Check out the number of British Muslims who want to see Shar’ia law in the UK and then you might get a better idea of the evil in our midst.Islam IS the problem, it’s just that some deny this. Check out the last time a Methodist sef-detonated in praise of John Wesley, or the last time some demented Presbyterians hijacked commercial aircraft so they could kill all on board.

  17. Worlds most stupid comment:

    "a group of fantastical idiots mouthing about what they would like to do , but who probably had about as much ability to carry out this attack as I do of becoming a world cup goal scoring champion."

    Post 9/11 New York. Durrr!

  18. The US news reported right off that they were Guyanese Muslims, which blew me away. Usually the blogs report that piece of info first, not the msm. From what I’m reading it looks like they were pretty serious, although very stupid.

    Alison, I understand why you get upset with comments at LGF and other sites. Americans get their views of your country from the BBC and your newspapers. Those sources paint a pretty broad picture of extreme liberalism and anti-americanism which is interpreted by many to be the views of the majority of UK citizens. Blog comments also tend to reflect the views of the site in an extreme manner, and they’re anonomous, so people say extreme things to get reactions. LGF is also a very closed site in that most commenters are ignored except for about 30 who were registered prior to January this year when Charles opened registration to the masses for a day or two. Prior to that, you didn’t see much Brit bashing.

    If you want to beat up on my politicians, you’re welcome to it, and I will never call you anti-american.

  19. Daphne – in light of the comments that appear today from Brits id say it was 1-1 on the moronic stakes

  20. No Alison, what you were doing is the cowardly smear that those who don’t exactly share your viewpoint must be some sort of terror lovers who would enjoy what happened on 9/11. Nothing I have ever said here implies I would hold such a nasty view. Yet you try and sneak in an implication that I would mock or laugh at the real slaughter of thousands of innocent people.

    Just because I am sceptical about this case and others like it which tend to involve idiotic chatter by fantasy jihadists doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that I would laugh at real terror attacks or that I don;t think there are any real terrorists out there. Your question to me was just as valid as if I was to ask you if you would be ‘delighted’ at the next mass terror attack just because it would prove you right.

  21. They may not have been able, but they were seriously trying.

    This is the report from NBC:

    "The FBI and other agencies said they had been monitoring the suspects for more than a year with the help of an informant, a convicted drug dealer, who had infiltrated their ranks, traveled with them to Guyana and Trinidad and secretly recorded their conversations."

    "Police say the men never got their hands on explosives or funding and lacked the technical expertise to attack JFK airport’s fuel tanks and underground pipeline. However according to the criminal complaint, they were trying to recruit a radical Muslim organization based in Trinidad, Jamaat al Muslimeen (JAM), the group behind a bloody 1990 coup attempt in Trinidad that killed 24 people. In six days of rioting, JAM members failed to take over the country in 1990 but had stormed the Parliament building and took the prime minister and cabinet hostage. Suspects Hadir and Nur were also longtime associates of JAM, said the complaint."

  22. Colm –

    A political version of Islam is the problem. I think its important to make the distinction. But its also important to not dismiss that political version out of hand as a non-threat when it clearly is. See Lebanon, Pakistan, Gaza, Iran, Iraq, 9/11, 7/7 and countless other ‘fantastical’ ‘imagined’ situations for details.

    The religion wholesale is an issue also and in need of massive criticism when its wrapped up in patriachy and mysoginism and creates such misery for tens of thousands.

    If we’d all been so lacklustre about christianity and alluded to criticising it as racism or ‘ooh you mustnt!’ then we’d still be buried up our necks in the middle ages too.

    That comedian below has it about right when he says Islam is about holding your dick in one hand and a Koran in the other. When that is translated into a political form of anti western terrorism we need to treat it seriously.

    As is clear from this thread – people are too polarised on left and right to wake up and smell the coffee and call it as they see it. You suggesting this case which has come to light is too fantastical after what happened on 9/11 is just daft! Or are you suggesting we would have been better off leaving them to it so someone could say i told you so?

    I understand what you are saying about chat and not bigging up little boys with hard ons as can happen on ATW but this patently isnt one of those situations and you devalue any meaninglful concern when you trivialise that. Make the distinction carefully.

    Sorry for the remarks earlier but you are the last person i would have expetced to joke about this or make that comment.

  23. Gore Vidal referred to "the united states of amnesia",
    not long after 9/11, and I understand what he meant by that, as does the U.S. govt today.

    By highlighting every insignificant ‘insident’ however small, keeps their countrymen aware, and on the QT.

    It’s called on-going propaganda, and it works too!

    By contrast the British govt is keen to play everything down.

    Who do you trust?

  24. Hey Frank one of those cab drivers your talking about was arrested in the plot to attack fort dix, remmember that the next time your riding in one.

    Alison you do have a tendency to go on anti-american rants.

    Colm gee I didn’t know you were a world class soccer player.

    What you people don’t realize also is how much of the US infrastructure is unprotected. The fuel line that they were going to blow runs through 3 states it also runs under 1000s of peoples homes. It doesn’t take much to make a bomb capable of blowing a pipeline. Bombs are easy to make just ask some of your IRA politicians I’m sure they could show you how.

  25. Colm: The problem we face:

    Radical immans are insisting on a literal interpretation of the Koran, and Sharia. Because there is no central Islamist authority – EXCEPT the Koran – radical immans can issue radical fatwas and noone can stop them.

    Moderate Muslims are moderate because they are not practicing their faith in accordance with a strict literal interpretation of the Koran. As the Islamic radical totalitarian movement gains steam these moderates will be forced to change their ways.

    Ignoring the totalitarian movement because many Muslims are not part of it
    only helps ensure the success of the movement.

  26. Patty,

    "Radical immans are insisting on a literal interpretation of the Koran"

    As are you.

    "Moderate Muslims are moderate because they are not practicing their faith in accordance with a strict literal interpretation of the Koran. "

    A clue!

    Not your literal interpretation, anyway.

    It would be pretty difficult anyhow, seeing as the Koran (like the Bible) contradicts itself.

  27. Frank:"As are you."

    I’m not issuing fatwas, Frank. This is not about my perception or interpretation of Islam….or yours, for that matter.

    It’s about radical immans interpreting the Koran and issuing fatwas which are backed up with violence.

  28. Ok all let me clarify my position.

    Mu jokey comment about Muslims was a coda to Franks comment. It was a tongue in cheek response to the idea that we are at war with everything and everyone Islamic. It was most emphatically not a joke at the expense of terrorism or victims of terrorism. Yes I was very annoyed at Alison’s rhetorical suggestion that I could have laughed about what happened on 9/11. I hold my hands up and admit I do not share the view of many here that militant jihadism is the gravest threat we face. We worry about it far more than we should. I genuinely believe that most of these people being arrested for ‘plotting’ mass terror outrages are ‘straw terrorists’ who could never have carried out the fantasies they foolishly talked about. I am far more worried about and far more likely to be the victim of a mugger or a thug with a knife than a Muslim terrorist and walking the streets of London makes me wish the authorities and the police would do more about that threat that the overblown fear that we are facing a threat as big as Nazism. I don’t beleive we are or anywhere near as sizeable a threat as that.

    However I am not soft on real terrorism and nor do I pretend it doesn’t exist. I just think it is a nasty irritant which we can deal with rather than the threat to our very existance and civilisation that it is claimed to be.

    I object and still do to the release of terrorists in N.I. Anyone who for any reason carries out the crime of murder should rot in jail until they die, without exception.

  29. I basically side with Colm on this one. There are a lot of non-fanatical Muslims though I wouldn’t put their number up beyond 80%. Militant Islam should be fought the same way militant Christianity was fought – by the gradual progress of education and civilisation.

  30. Patty,

    "This is not about my perception or interpretation of Islam"

    Wrong again. After all, you are the one who writes nonsense such as:

    "Radical immans are insisting on a literal interpretation of the Koran, and Sharia. Because there is no central Islamist authority – EXCEPT the Koran – radical immans can issue radical fatwas and noone can stop them."

    Even though that is just as true of the Bible.

  31. Frank,

    I’m wandering into this, not having read the rest, but you’re wrong. There’s no such thing as an equivalent of a fatwa in Christianity.

  32. by the gradual progress of education and civilisation.

    Oh. And there was me thinking the July 7 jihadis with education and teaching job looked a bit lacking in the civilised department. Saudis flying planes into buildings must be real thick too.

  33. Alison,
    When Tony Blair said something pretty similar to my point you agreed with him. Make up your mind (and that doesn’t mean you have to put lipstick on your forehead).

    Education of the sort that has made you a liberal Catholic is the only thing that can turn ignorant Muslims into liberal Muslims.

  34. Adrian – you make up YOUR mind. you like to insist its all americas fault like the firebrand nutjobs Blair is trying to get rid of. the education i refer to is an understanding of who is killing who in the arab world. the less of it through firebrand clerics talking shit the better. dont tell me the guys here arent civilised though – gimme a break. they just have the same chips on their shoulder as you do.

  35. Adrian,

    I think you miss the point, education, and I use the term in it’s widest sense, to include an appreciation of freedom and equality, – to western standards is rejected by muslims, they see it as being highly degenerate.

    As pointed out in some posts above, the 9/11 perpetrators where all well educated in the literal sense, as were the London bombers, but were obviously lacking in the more esoteric sense of the word.

    Perhaps it is not education that is needed, but a greater sense of understanding, of themselves and others, – not quite the same thing. Perhaps with that, they will not feel the need to try and conquer the world….

  36. Ernest Young,
    You’re right, and that’s precisely what I meant by ‘civilisation’. I wasn’t referring to mere technology, money etc.

    you like to insist its all americas fault
    You mean I’m forced by factual evidence to admit, however reluctantly, that it’s all America’s fault.

    you make up YOUR mind.
    I was not aware that I was contradicting myself? Do let me know.

  37. The latest crop of terrorists do appear to be of the blowhard (not blow up) variety, although they apparently lacked the means and not the will. I am happy that they are exposed now and would not wanted the authorities to wait until their plans were further developed.

    Colm has consistently been against any terrorists so I think the comment against him was a out of place.

  38. Frank,

    your stretching your argument.

    "just a (religious) legal opinion"

    The reason for the brackets? Because there is no distinction between secular and religious in Sharia Law.

  39. Richard,

    ""just a (religious) legal opinion"

    The reason for the brackets?"


    "Because there is no distinction between secular and religious in Sharia Law. "

    Also just as true of the Bible.

  40. Frank,

    I suppose everything is the same, except for the differences.

    There are distinctions between secular and religious in the New Testament. Even the Inquisition made the distinction, by handing over the condemned to the secular authorities for them to administer punishment.

  41. Thanks Mahons. I think I have managed to explain my view and the reasons for my comments, and the heated exchanges which occurred between Alison and I did cool,

    As to the latest discussion this thread has taken, it isn’t education that is needed but an acceptance of the need for reason dissent and tolerance. That is very much lacking even in the most moderate of Islamic countries . It is a big failing in Muslim culture and clearly it is one area where Western Christian societies are clearly very much ahead of them.

  42. Frank: I recall in the Bible words to the effect of render onto Caesar, or is it render unto? In any event, not a favorite passage for those who would seek to impose their interpretation of Christian belief upon a secular government. However, I don’t think we have a present danger of that becoming a reality.
    As for the Islamists I think there is a distiction between Islam as a religion and Sharia Law as a way of life that should be noted. The overwhelming number of Muslims I encounter have come to the US to embrace the idea of freedom of religion (and to an extent freedom from religion) rather than an attempt to plant the flag of their faith so to speak. However, there are clearly those in the world for whom the freedom to express their religion isn’t enough, they want their faith to be the only one. That to me is the part of Islam that is dangerous, and it is a present concern.

  43. mahons,

    "In any event, not a favorite passage for those who would seek to impose their interpretation of Christian belief upon a secular government."

    Since it only took a millenium or two to figure that out, maybe it was not so obvious or has other interpretations too. Indeed there are some that have yet to figure it out, and the news only reached Ireland in my own lifetime (I don’t claim credit :-).

    "However, I don’t think we have a present danger of that becoming a reality. "

    There is far more chance of it than there is of Sharia in the USA or UK.

    "That to me is the part of Islam that is dangerous, and it is a present concern."

    It is a part of religion and human nature in general that is dangerous.

    Anyway, Christians tried the same thing with better numbers and ultimately failed.

  44. Frank: I take your point, and give far more credit to a runaway clergy than I would to any atheist agitator in Ireland (your name is O’Dwyer not Casey). They seem to have undermined the efforts of the good to such a sad degree.

    I don’t ever see Sharia as a serious concern in terms of taking over in the US or the UK. First off, where would they get the sheets to cover all of our overweight citizens here in the States? There simply isn’t enough material. However, it is a deadly concern elsewhere.

  45. Nice article on the difficulty of converting away from Islam.

    For some, the influx of liberal Muslims into the West merely represents the vanguard. A liberal Islamic state can change overnight (well, within a generation, anyway) into a fundamentalist one as is happening with Indonesia and Malaysia.

    There should be some reciprocity in this issue: Muslim countries should be obliged to guarantee the same privileges to non-Muslims in their countries that Muslims enjoy in the West or in India.

    The Arabs may be able to arrange some tents for your overweight citizens…:)

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