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The use of taser guns seems to be shooting off the scale these days;

The data released by Parliament reveals that the number of taser incidents involving children has multiplied 11 times in the past six years. Since 2007, police were  cleared to use the high voltage stun guns on under-18s, the number of cases involving children has jumped from 27 in 2007 to 323 in 2011. In the past three years, at least six children aged 14 have been shot with the 50,000 volt devices. Four 15-year-olds and 13 youngsters aged 16 have also been stunned by police with children as young as 11 reported to have been threatened. One girl aged 12 was shot with a taser by police in St Helens after she brandished knives and threatened to hurt herself.

What is your view of this increasing use of tasters on children? Part of me thinks it is horrific  and a monstrous use of police force but another part wonders if by the judicious use of such, the lives of these children were saved? In the moment, could this use of force be justified? I wonder how a 12 year old girl can ever be tasered, regardless of what she “threatens”, don’t you?

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24 thoughts on “DON’T TASER ME, DUDE!

  1. If Plod can not handle children without the use of Tazers, then to be frank they should not be Policeman in the first place.

    The lunatics are running the asylum

  2. what is more palatable, tazering a child or heavy handing them?

    The use of a tazer is non-lethal, and non-sueable. Imagine the stories in the press if a policeman had to punch out a 12yr old girl to avoid her either stabbing herself or the officer.

  3. Troll

    The Tazer is about as ‘non-lethal’ as you wielding your wooden mallet whilst foaming at the mouth .. here are some Tazer non-lethal weapons stats, I think if they were alive 178 people might just disagree with you.

    Critics argue that Tasers and other high-voltage stun devices can cause cardiac arrhythmia in susceptible subjects, possibly leading to heart attack or death in minutes by ventricular fibrillation, which leads to cardiac arrest and—if not treated immediately—to sudden death. People susceptible to this outcome are sometimes healthy and unaware of their susceptibility.[citation needed]

    Although the medical conditions or use of illegal drugs among some of the casualties may have been the proximate cause of death, the electric shock of the Taser can significantly heighten such risk for subjects in an at-risk category.[1] In some cases however, death occurred after Taser use coupled with the use of force

    alone, with no evidence of underlying medical condition and no use of drugs.


  4. Troll,

    Anyway, I thought that American cops were all burly and prone to running into the gunfire and burning buildings, and you are saying they can not handle 12 year old girls getting all humpy, without the use of a taser (Have taser will travel);-)

  5. Define ” children ”

    Does that include a hulking, violent, high, 17 year old male?

    Is he a ” child ” for purposes of this discussion?

  6. OK put away the tazer and just shoot them.

    I’ll still have my coffee in the morning, after a trouble free sleep.

  7. Each incident should be investigated and a determination be made as to whether the appropriate level of force was used.

  8. I suppose one could also read the article cited by David to find that the headline doesn’t match even the story which itself is clearly unreliable. And the “statistics” apparently count incidents were a taser was not actually fired, but rather a red dot pointed.

    Taser the Yellow Journalists who are trying to muck rake irresponsibly.

  9. Do the police ever use tasers against people in wheelchairs or who are visibly disabled? What are the rules of engagement in such cases?

  10. Troll — You seem to be in favour of the coercive arm of the state using brute force on the general public. You’ve said your family have been cops for 100 years. Why didn’t you join up?

  11. Gosh Allan I don’t suppose you have a Youtube video you could share with us.

    Look, tasers, like any other tool of law enforcement, can be misused in the wrong hands. When it is misused those responsible should be held to account.

  12. One can suspect that when the doughnut munchers are given a new toy, they will use it in ways which normal adults would not:


    Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Thomas E. Perez Speaks at the City of Portland, Ore., Press Conference
    Portland, Oregon ~ Thursday, September 13, 2012

    We further found that, when dealing with people with mental illness, PPB officers use electronic control weapons, or tasers, in circumstances where the use of tasers was not justified, or deploy them more times than necessary.

    That’s it in general so let’s look at specifics.

  13. http://www.kdrv.com/taser-used-on-naked-i-5-wanderer/

    ASHLAND, Ore. – State police confirm the young girl found wandering naked and confused along I-5 early Sunday morning was apprehended with a Taser.

    Officials say that she is a juvenile. She was found just after 4:00 a.m. between mileposts 18 and 19, apparently unresponsive and unaware of her surroundings, and it was Adam Bednar who found her.

    “I stopped the car in the middle of the freeway, I backed up. She kind of looked in my window, she kind of laughed and just kept on walking,” said Bednar.

    Bednar says he drove alongside her while he called police. He says the trooper who arrived called for her to stop, and when she didn’t respond threatened twice to taze her. After giving no response, two little red dots appeared on her back, then metal barbs.

    “She seized up and she fell face first on the ground,” said Bednar.

    State police officials say it was necessary to prevent her from wandering further into the road and putting herself in danger. Bednar, who helped troopers apprehend the girl on the hood of his car, says he isn’t so sure.

    Serriously – just read that. These nutters are paid for by the US taxpayer.

  14. If the facts on the above Oregon case are what they appear to be, the police officer in question should be arrested.

  15. Actually the nutters are paid for by the Oregon taxpayer, the US Taxpayer paid for the federal investigation into the misuse of tasers by the Portland Police Department.

  16. There are good reasons why good police departments are staffed by large men.

    One is so that lethal or in this case extremely painful methods don’t have to be used in situations like this.

    There is no place for undisciplined and poorly trained police as are described here.

  17. The doughnut grazers are shooting powerful bolts of electricity through children because they’ve been given the tools and permission to do so – it’s as simple as that.

    Whenever State agencies get new tools they will use them. The police would once have spoken to children, maybe apprehended them or given them a clip round the ear. They don’t have to do that now because it’s easier to stand there and use the new tool instead.

    Recently a local police force in the US was force all officers to wear head-cams all the time (much against the wishes of the doughnut munchers). Instantly, the use of tazers plummeted.

    This is proof that the use of tazers is not, generally, necessary but a weapon of convenience for the lazy.

  18. I wonder if the ” health and safety ” weasels have had an influence here.

    As in ” there’s no possibility of a workers comp claim if you shoot electricity at the subject from a distance ”

    I’d like to see this guy, and his boss, and his boss’s boss be called on the carpet in a case like this.

    The blame would be much more on the part of the senior management.

  19. As the guy making the complaint had to help troopers apprehend a young naked girl “on the hood of his car” (?), it sounds like there’s more to this story than reported here.

  20. Pete – explain the lack of tasered children through the millions of encounters per year. These exceptions need to be investigated and if there was misuse, then punished.

  21. Perhaps a taser could be useful as a persuasive tool for discipline in schools and home. Why should the police be the only ‘people’ allowed to have access to its utility? Home-taser: for when junior forgets his meds.

  22. Only Government and politicians can think that smacking a child by a parent monstrous and feel sufficienly moved to criminalize it. Yet, are happy to have those same little darlings ‘tasered / tortured’ by a complete stranger, so long as the stranger is a Government employee.

    Still feel free ?

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