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The political left do enjoy closing down debate.

Universities Minister David Willetts was forced to abandon a speech at Cambridge University after it was disrupted by protesters. Mr Willetts was due to speak on the ‘Idea of University’ on Tuesday night. But he was shouted down by about 20 protesters unhappy with the government’s higher education policies. Mr Willetts left the lecture hall and the speech was cancelled. A number of students stayed inside the hall, where they are now staging a sit-in protest.

Academia seems to attract the most moonbat-ish, the most aggressive, the most TENURED of leftists. In this case they demonstrate their intolerance and immaturity by preventing Willetts from speaking. Some of the most stupid people are the best educated.

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  1. These guys haven’t believed in free speech for a long time in US academia, and I am not surprised to see the same shout ’em down attitudes there.

    The repressive and antidemocratic approach taken by OWS in NYC and Oakland is a natural outgrowth of all of this.

    They want free speech for themselves, and they want you to shut up. Yes, they do.

  2. I heard this on the radio this morning. This kind of behaviour is what may lead to the end of free speech and thought. In fact it is anti freedom of expression, and would not be out of place in the most repressive of religions or regimes. These idiots shame us.
    Actually, contrast this with the articulate intelligent polite young Egyptians we are seeing and hearing on the television. It still gives me hope that the Arab Spring will lead to more secular Muslim nations.

  3. Didn’t Mao employ teams of shouty students to harangue professors during the cultural revolution? Beat up people with ‘Bad class backgrounds’ etc. Some even cooked and ate their perceived ‘enemies’. So I’m not going to attend any OLSX barbies.

    Lefties always cause trouble.

  4. Yes but you cannot concede the field to these ” rule or ruin ” people

    I made a point to go to OWS NY all the time, and I talked back to them. They didn’t like it, and were kind of amazed that some did not agree with them. I wasn’t the only one either.

    Evil wins when good men do nothing. Talk back, be bold.

  5. There is often a tolerance for intolerance in Academic circles, especially if the intolerance is driven from far left wing sources. That isn’t news, conservative speakers have been heckled and sometimes shut down on American campuses where a College Adminsitration fails to enforce the rules that permit all voices to be heard. It needs to be denounced when that happens.

    Weird story also emerges from Scotland (not Aberden mind you) where the Conservative Students Association at St. Andrews seems to have felt the need to burn an effigy of President Obama (as they had done for Gordon Brown and hanged an effigy of Nelson Mandela). Suffice to say youth is wasted on the young.

  6. Agit8ed –

    “This kind of behaviour is what may lead to the end of free speech and thought.”

    They’ve been ended.

    Mass immigration begat vicious politically correct laws to ‘protect community cohesion’. So, if you say publicly that you don’t like blacks or gays, or you prefer your own kind, even if you preach Christianity, you’d be likely arrested and your life made hell.

    It might be rude or uncharitable to say you don’t like certain kinds of people (some would say humans are tribal and like their own kind) but the Left long ago enacted laws restricting our liberties to speak freely in our own land.

    Such laws are, of course, illegitimate.

  7. We still see Christian street preachers in our downtowns and in my subway and no one bothers them.

    Do you see it there?

  8. Phantom

    That’s considered hate crime here and likely to lead to imprisonment. Cultural Marxism, to give “political correctness” its correct term is corrosive of liberty .

  9. Phantom, on November 23rd, 2011 at 4:33 pm Said:
    We still see Christian street preachers in our downtowns and in my subway and no one bothers them.

    Do you see it there?

    Nope…they get arrested by repeating whats in the bible about same sex relationships. Appears it’s unlawful hate speech. Welcome to Muslim Britain.

  10. Actually, I can easily excuse a bunch of 18-20 year olds for protesting about ‘government cuts’ and all that. They’re young, they’re only just starting to learn about the world and how it works. I was the same at their age; ‘money’ was just this abstract concept, and all I knew was that the government had (what I imagined to be) an endless supply of it, and that they were supposed to spend it all on funding everything. I thought that because the government controlled the Royal Mint, therefore they ‘created’ all the money in the country, and that they somehow passed it onto banks and businesses, for them to pay their employees with, and that trade/commerce was simply a question of us all passing that finite amount of money around amongst ourselves….or something like that.

    So, I can excuse those students, in a way. What I can’t excuse is fully grown adults who still think in those terms, and there are plenty of them!

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