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I see that a ban on smoking in cars carrying children under 16 could be introduced early next year in the Republic.

The Irish department of health is preparing proposals for the new laws, which are also being mooted in other countries. The move has been welcomed by anti-smoking groups but they warned that legislation will have to be accompanied by a public education campaign. However, the plans were criticised by a smokers’ lobby group, which said it unnecessarily impinged on private space.

Well, I do not smoke but I COMPLETELY reject this invasion by the State into private property. How dare they tell us what to do in OUR cars! The Nanny State seems very active in the Republic and this latest extension of its malignant tendrils is offensive and should be rejected by all who value liberty. I have heard advocates of this smoking ban accuse parents of “child abuse” for smoking in the car but it’s simple none of theiR business. The State continually seeks to act as Parent, it is not. It should be our Servant.

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One thought on “DRIVE, DON’T SMOKE.

  1. I’m not so sure I like this proposal either, David.

    But not quite for the same reason as yourself.

    I see ANYTHING that distracts or requires the use of a driver’s hand as dangerous. Therefore, the regulation sort of makes sense.


    In Ireland people blatently ignore laws and regulations that interfere with their banal pleasures. AND, to make matters worse the Gardai seem to either ignore the violators or are too busy with other matters to properly enforce the laws.

    Take, for instance:

    1) Parking on double yellow lines.

    2) Use of mobile whilst driving.

    3) Lack of use of indicators.

    4) Disregarding “stop-signs”

    5) Disregarding speed limits,with impunity.

    And the high percentage of people who receive “on the spot” fines ignoring them.

    The Irish culture will not allow people to recognise the fact that obeying laws has positive implications because of the long track record of the idiots in the Dáil rushing through “emotional” tripe they deem as laws.

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