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cell.jpgWhat KIND of security do UK prisons actually operate when we read that possibly one in two prisoners in England and Wales use illegal narcotics when incarcerated?  That’s about 40,000 people taking drugs in jail at any one time. There is rumoured to be an annual trade of up to £100m going on behind bars with the amazing statistic that 10% of the total prison drug finds in England and Wales come from one jail in Manchester.

I think this is a scandalous failure on the part of the Prison authorities and I do not buy into all this "there’s nothing you can do to stop it" defeatism. It is vital that the law of the land is enforced INSIDE our prisons as well as on the outside and that strict security is the order of the day. But this is just a farce and proof of how degraded our British prisons have become under liberal management.     

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3 thoughts on “DRUGS BEHIND BARS…

  1. Three actions would sort this out:

    1. Random searches of all visitors and also prison officers when they arrive for work. Any officer found carrying is fired, no exceptions. Prosecutions of all other carriers, no exceptions.

    2. Random drug tests on all prisoners with penalties for any found to be using.

    3. Addicted prisoners forced to do cold turkey or lose their remission.

    Given that the prisons are 99% full all the time, 2 and 3 are probably impossible. But there is no reason not to proceed with 1.

  2. Most prison officers will tell you they turn a blind eye on soft drugs among inmates because it keeps them quiescent and more manageable.

  3. I don’t want to state exactly where I hear this, but quite a haul comes from searches of Solicitors and other legal visitors’ documents and cases!

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