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This letter in today’s edition of the Times perfectly encapsulates the sad and utterly pathetic attitude we have in present-day society towards people with outstanding skills, intellect or talent.  It refers to the brilliant performance of University Challenge contestant Gail Trimble, who has been called the ‘brainest person to appear on the show in its 40-year history’.  Trimble, 26, from Walton on Thames in Surrey, led Corpus Christi College, Oxford to a stunning win in a recent episode.  In many other countries she would rightly have been hailed as a hero.  Here in politically-correct, everyone must be equal and educated in bog-standard comprehensives, let’s praise the talentless and the dickheads, Britain she has become the object of ridicule and vilification.  And for what?  Because she has something which is increasingly scorned in contemporary UK – intellect! 

It’s elementary my dear reader.  Society has been inculcated by this rancid government to believe that everyone must have total equality across the board.  To this end education has been neutered and rendered a shadow of its former self, and universities strong-armed into accepting students on the basis of background rather than capability.  Furthermore, so demonstrably inverted have our morals and perspectives become, we are encouraged to heap praise on those least deserving of it, whilst verbally abusing fantastic achievers such as Gail Trimble with broadsides such as ‘insufferably smug’, ‘too clever by half’ and ‘horse-toothed snob’.

Trimble claims her astonishing capacity is the result of years of avid reading.  Like myself she has an interest in trivia and gathering knowledge from a multitude of sources.  So she has to suffer for this?  I suppose if she’d dedicated her teenage years to smoking drugs, binge drinking and having her vaginal passage progressively widened by a succession of adolescent penises belonging to Chlamydia-infected Neanderthals, she’d have been the all-conquering teen role model by now. 

What is it with today’s society?  Scumbags like Russell Brand continue to pack theatres up and down the country with adoring fans.  Jade Goody is hailed as something akin to Mother Theresa just because she is suffering a condition which thousands of women have had to endure through the passage of time.  Yes, Goody’s plight is sad and she doesn’t deserve her condition.  It still doesn’t change the fact she was a thoroughly objectionable individual before her cancer took hold.   David Beckham, a mediocre football player with the intelligence of a snail’s pubic hair, is apprently one level down from God.  This is a man who’s limited talent only shines because he is married to an individual with even less talent than him!!  For the Beckhams, the Brands and the Goodys of this world, praise and adultation comes thick and fast.  For Gail Trimble and others like her, she will likely experience a life in 21st Century Britain as a target of obloquy.  What a pitiful indictment of this country!!

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26 thoughts on “Dumb and Dumber

  1. having her vaginal passage progressively widened by a succession of adolescent penises belonging to Chlamydia-infested …

    I say, steady on – you might need to have a cold shower.

    I saw Mad Mel in the Daily Mail banging on about this. I have to say that apart from a few bloggers I haven’t seen very much evidence that Ms Trimble is a figure of hate.
    I don’t think it is fair to describe David Beckham as talentless. He may not be brain-of-Britain, but in his time he was a bloody good footballer (and rather cute as well). I would have to agree about his wife though.
    But there has always been a distrust of intellectuals in this country. I have a book of cartoons by the 1950s cartoonist Punt on English values – one of those is a distrust of intellectuals.
    And of course Jade Goody is loved now – nothing the English like more than a reformed sinner.

  2. "Like myself she has an interest in trivia and gathering knowledge from a multitude of sources."

    Fox News AND the Daily Mail?

  3. Jimmy

    One day you might actually surprise yourself and the rest of us by posting something relevant AND witty.

  4. Mahons

    Animalistic descriptions for animalistic tendencies of animalistic youth.

    Admittedly it’s ‘X-rated’.

  5. Ms Trimble’s performance was absolutely splendid and she was rather foxy too, I thought.
    Wonder what she’s like at Trivial Pursuit…or Twister, come to think of it.

  6. Well at least a question has been answered for me. Just before I went to work this morning I caught a glimpse of a woman being interviewed on breakfast TV about some brilliant achievement on a tv show but didnlt catch what it was about before the segment ended. Now I know.

    PS – The letter talks about the hostility to this woman, but doesn’t mention any evidence for it. I am not denying that there could be, but who has been hostile towards her and her win.?

  7. Colm

    Check out articles in many of today’s newspapers. They cover comments made on the Internet and to journalists. I’d say 70 – 75% have been hostile.

    It’s sickening.

  8. Jaz –

    … but in his time he was a bloody good footballer (and rather cute as well).

    Are you a bird?

  9. Andrew

    Will do, but to be honest I hadn’t heard about her until reading your post and then remembering the glimpse I saw on TV this morning, but I agree with you, it is sickening (and actually a pathetic comment about the individuals themselves) for anyone to mock or begrudge her triumph.

  10. Pete

    I hate to break this to you but I do beieve Jaz is a fella, but one who unlike Mr Beckham, plays for the other team !

  11. I think we are in danger of making too much of this. As I say, there is a very long, very established tradition in the UK of a distrust of intellectuals.
    I have to say that until I read Mad Mel, I wasn’t aware that this girl had been subject to abuse.

    And it’s ok Mr Moore – you are quite safe. I don’t think you are my type (unless you look David Beckham of course…)

  12. "who has been hostile towards her and her win.?"

    In this very post she’s been compared to Andrew.

  13. Jaz

    A dislike of pretentious intellectuals is not the same thing as mocking an ordinary person’s excellent knowledgeable achievements

  14. A dislike of pretentious intellectuals is not the same thing as mocking an ordinary person’s excellent knowledgeable achievements

    That is absolutely true – and I am not excusing it. I just don’t think it is quite what Mad Mel and her ilk are making it out to be. A few random bloggers have said some unpleasant things. Well that is on a par with a "bloke in a pub said this…".
    Of course Mad Mel uses the three or four examples – probably the first one she finds on Google (her idea of research) – to construct one of her archetypal flights of fantasy – pinging off as to somehow this is, once again, the end of civilisation as we know it.
    The point I am making is that the UK is not a country that has *ever* embraced clever people. Indeed they were always slightly frowned upon, something not quite right about them. Ms Trimble is just the latest in a long line.

  15. I wouldn’t call Beckham a mediocre footballer. In his prime he was England’s best player. He also showed the Windsor Park crowd a great deal of respect after Northern Ireland’s most brilliant and famous 1-0 victory over England on 7 September 2005, a match that will live in folklore for centuries to come.

  16. I agree James H.
    Beckham’s conduct that night was in marked contrast to the rest of his team. He was a true gent in defeat.

  17. Hello Andrew

    I thought this was an entertaining read.

    Beckham is a pretty reasonable role model, Andrew. He made it out of nothing, was dedicated and talented and did well for himself off merit and hard work. He’s a family guy. He is also a really nice bloke. I’ve met him and fell head over heels in love with the man over a cup of tea so must insist you leave Beckham alone.

    Kudos to Addidas for that house party advert where he looks damn HOT and the music has me dancing around all silly like. I think blokes are just jealous which is why he is always thrown into the mix on these issues.

    Jade Goody? Well TV and media revelled in Jade Goody, she didn’t make herself so blame them.

    Russel Brand is your best example. He is smart enough to deliberately play off the faux accent and the stupid hair and the crassness that audiences tune in to for their Goody treatment. That says it all.

  18. Gail Trimble is being ‘put in her place’ because she is "hideously white".
    If she was hideously black, the MSM would be climbing all over her.

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