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Just about every aspect of this story shows up the moral decay at the heart of so many of our society’s problems;

Many parents would despair at the thought of their 15-year-old daughter becoming pregnant. But Soya Keaveney’s mother Janis takes a more positive view. The unemployed 48-year-old says Soya, whose baby with boyfriend Jake Gray, 17, is due in January, will make a ‘wonderful mother’.

Soya (Great name, presumably she doesn’t like dairy products?) took up a modelling career on the internet age 12. She posed in a bikini – with her mother’s approval. Now, at the mature age of 15, she ‘s going to be a Mum.

There is upside to this. She will get a bigger Council house and more benefits.  Meanwhile her welfare scrounging mother explains that she does not understand what all the fuss is about – after all what could be more normal than a 12 year old modelling bikinis?

Can you imagine the fate that awaits Soya’s baby? In this way, we now have transgenerational welfare parasitism combined with an absence of common morality. Welcome to modern Britain. I feel so sorry for those children brought up in this moral void – one can only pray they find a way out of the morass they find themselves buried in.

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  1. Fairly obviously an unfit parent. So take her kids into care. There that fixed it. No need for a bigger house.

  2. Absent disability why can’t the adults in this home work? And by adults I mean anyone who is a parent or about to be one?

    Plus- they boyfriend stays over, isn’t that a violation of some public housing terms? Are non-family members permitted to reside?

  3. As a father to four teenage daughters, (the youngest the same age as the youngster in this story), I find the attitude of the youngsters “parent” inconceivable.

  4. Maybe you shouldn’t have council housing in the first place.

    The US has much less public housing as a percentage than the UK does – and generally gets along just fine on that score.

  5. Aren’t you all proud that not only does the UK government use your taxes to look after these “dead enders”, by doing so they ensure that they need never fear dying out….

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