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A bit of a kerfuffle at the Paralympics, where an Iranian athlete is accused of snubbing the Duchess of Cambridge. Discus thrower Mehrdad Karam Zadeh finished second behind Briton Aled Davies. The Duchess presented Zadeh with his medal, whereupon he failed to shake her hand. Apparently it wasn’t personal, with suggestions being that he was just sticking to his cultural habit.

No problem. He can stick to his cultural norm of not shaking hands with women, and we’ll stick with ours, which is beating foreigners.

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4 thoughts on “EACH TO THEIR OWN

  1. Ever notice how these middle eastern types when the do shake hands with us ‘khuffars’ invariably use their left hand? You’ll see it on TV when they great our troops in Afghanistan time and time again etc

    It really is a ‘left handed compliment’.

    Not having much use for toilet paper your ME type chappy uses the left hand instead. It’s all mandated in one of the ‘hadith’s.

    Now you know do keep an eye out for this.

    Frankly I think Mrs Cambridge dodged a bullet.

  2. Even Orthodox Jewish high jumpers probably wouldn’t shake her hand.

    Because the lady in question: the fragrant, lovely and admirable wife of Prince William is

    a) a Goy -or (Islam) Kuffar woman
    b) She might be menstruating .
    c) unclean for any number of reasons.

    Nose picking for example.

    So there you have the problem in a handshake.
    Our Establishment want us to be Oh so enthusiastically multi culti and relevant.
    So it’d Orf with the old British values and Jambo! into
    “MultiCulti /All Inclusive/ Down with the Colonisers and Imperialists” Winterval Wonder land!

    See, if you want to go down that route some sort of PURGE…… is required.

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