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We see the early signs of a Tory-run strike force as it gets its forces marshalled and marching towards the next London Mayoral election.

Is it too early to remind the voters of the vast expense that was unleashed when Livingstone finally got his hands on the council chequebooks?

I think not, because the voters are easily fooled, and the electoral mass-memory is too short for politicians to rest upon their laurels.

After the debacle of the Expenses scandal, lots of the existing thieves were actually voted back into Westminster by the foolish voters who believed they actually had a choice!

Mind you, Boris has by no means been perfect, but a straight choice between him and the man who thinks that Cuba is a paradise on Earth should leave the blond in charge again comfortably!

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4 thoughts on “Early, or late?

  1. I disagree. Ken is a shoe in.

    Never underestimate the tribalism, short memories and utter stupidity of the majority of drunken London voters or the fruit of Ken’s pandering to certain special interest groups.
    Specifically the homosexual killing, wife beating, suicide bombing community that he love’s so much or as I term it the Lutfer Rahman effect. And oddly enough Ken will also be the Rainbow coallitions preferred candidate…WTF? But true enough.

    Then there are the legions of intellectual political titans whose sole thought process is …Tory scum ‘innit.

    Reasons to be cheerful? I’m determined to out live Ken the Bar Steward I want to p155 on his grave.

    we’re doomed DOOMED I tell ye.

  2. The rather strange but eccentric John Galliano, has just about been vilified by every righteous creep taking offence on someone else’s behalf, and now his career and his life is in effect over ..

    Whilst Red Ken the commie, makes remarks about jews .. and is left untouched, in fact, far from having his political socialist moraly corrupt career even dented … he is running for Mayor of London, go figure.


    Great Britain is in terminal decline.

  3. Shorely shum mishtake ..

    “We see the early signs of a Tory-run strike force”

    Shorely, it’s Tory-run strike farce, strangely it’s catching in Great Britain, thanks to ACPO, Great Britain now has it’s very own police farce as well?

  4. I have never voted for that adenoidal, nasal whining piece of excrement called Ken. And I never will, I can’t stand the cnut!

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