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The idea that schools should select pupils based on academic criteria is unacceptable to liberals. It’s so unfair. It’s discriminatory, they moan.

So what do they come up with as an alternative? That’s right – a lottery to gain entry to school.

Places at some popular secondary schools in Brighton are to be allocated by lottery – the first time a council has backed such a change. The move by the Labour-run local authority comes as 200,000 children may miss out on their preferred school this year. Brighton and Hove says the new system will give more children a better chance of getting into popular schools.

Government is completely destroying education. It has removed academic ability as the criteria for entry. It has then dumbed down the curriculum. It has then indulged the radical egalitarians by insisting all kids are equal and all must have prizes. And now it ensures that a child can only get to a given school by lottery.

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  1. <"indulged the radical egalitarians by insisting all kids are equal and all must have prizes">

    I wonder how they equate that belief by having a lottery, where there are, most definetly, winners and losers…

    More likely they see a lottery as a possible opportunity to fiddle with the results, as I am sure the ‘draw’ will not be a public event…

  2. Good point Ernest. The other thing to say though is that in a lottery – most people lose. In the UK education lottery most kids will lose. That’s the way Labour likes it.

  3. Actually I think this would be fine if education was indeed a level playing field, but of course it’s not.

  4. So choice has now become a lottery. I know this government likes gambling, but your childs education. Of course ministers get to choose where their children are educated.

    Good schools have good teachers, parents who care and children who want to be educated.

    Bad schools may have good teachers but parents who do not care and chilren who just arse around all day.

    So you live near a good school, but bad luck with the lottery and you have to travel to a poor school some miles away. Tough.

    That this should happen is a damming commentary on this present government. What a load of tossers.

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